Sky Bandits

Arcade Video Game published 11 years ago by Global VR

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Sky Bandits © 2008 Global VR.

Intergalactic Outpost Under Siege Ronticula, a small planet on the outskirts of the Andromeda Galaxy serves as outpost for the League of Planets of the Milky Way. The strategic position of this small outpost is coveted as those who hold it may gain entry to the most desirable planet in any known galaxy... Earth. Your job: turn away the alien aggressors by any means possible.

- 3 difficulty levels
- 3 weapon types with many different models to choose from, including Lazer Cannon, Pulse Blaster, and Plasma Disrupter
- Progressive levels of difficulty make the game challenging for everyone
- Weapons with a zoom feature put players right in the middle of the action
- Stunning planetary landscape
- Unique air, land, and sea vehicles
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VR Vortek V3 System


Based on GLOBAL VR's hit title Operation Blockade

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