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Skull Cracker

PC MS-Windows/Macintosh CD published 28 years ago by GTE Ent.

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Skull Cracker © 1996 GTE Ent.

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Considered as the spiritual successor to the 1991 title "Creepy Castle".


Technology: William C. Appleton
Producer: Robb Dean
Game Design: Robb Dean
Director: Rand Cabus
Lead Programmer: Don McCasland
Game Engine: Ian McLean
Programmer: Steve Britton
Art Director: Eric Whited
Lead Animator: Anthony S. Taylor
Level Design: Trey Counce
Character Illustrator: Eric Treadaway
3D Artists: Paul Haskins, Michael Kennedy, Jay Nevans
Additional Artwork: Michael Gilmore, Mark Quist, Jonas Tankersly, Kenneth White
Music & Sound: Scott Scheinbaum
Writer/Story: Mark Cabus
Conceptualization: Ben Calica
Additional Dialogue: Molly Johnson
Voice Talent: Carol Goans, Jessamy Thomison, Keith McDaniel, Scott Scheinbaum, Erik Holt
Lead Tester: Jamie Wicks
Technical Guide: Erik S. Quist
Propaganda: Deena Kaousias, David L. Haynes
Special Thanks: Derrick Whittaker, Andrew Nelson, Mark Frizzell, William Broyles, Blue Branton, Tom Appleton


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