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IBM PC/AT DOS 3.5in. disk published 30 years ago by Maxis Soft.

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SimHealth © 1994 Maxis.

A Tool for National Debate.
What would you do if you were in charge of the nation's health care? SimHealth challenges and enables you to design a national health care system based on your ideas and values, then tests it in a dynamic computer simulation. Who gets health insurance? What does it cover? Who pays for it? How do you control costs? How will your plan affect business, physicians, specialists, insurance companies, lawyers, medical research and the average citizen? You make the tough decisions--you live with the consequences.

- Test a number of current health care system proposals.
- Design and enact a national health care system that supports your personal values.
- Record your health care policy solutions to share with others.
- Challenge and change the model's underlying assumptions.
- Receive feedback from patients, doctors, and the voting public.
- On-screen help and tours walk you through all the simulation's features and functions and provide all the background information you need to take on this challenge.

Goodies for SimHealth
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SimHealth was released just before President Clinton's proposal to overhaul the nation's health care system was defeated in Congress in the late summer of 1994.


Director: John Hiles
Markle Foundation Contributors: Lloyd N. Morrisett, Edith C. Bjornson, Catharine Clark
Program Manager: Bruce Skidmore
Lead Engineer: Richard Rosenbaum
Engineering: Bruce Skidmore, Greg Rossi, Randy Jones, Frank Holsworth
Whiteboard Development System: Greg Rossi
Design: Greg Wolfson, John Hiles
Art Director: Jenny Martin
Artists: Kelli Jayne Pearson, Barbara Pollak, Wendy Wibbens, Susan Greene
Title Screen Mural: Bruce Ariss
Help Text and Tours: Michael Bremer
Sound and Music: Brian Conrad, Randy Jones, Don Walters
Value Compass Concept: James O'Toole
Photograph of Jefferson Memorial: Roberto Vallardares
Manual Writing, Design and Layout: Michael Bremer
Manual Editing: Debra Larson
Contributions to the Manual: Richard Rosenbaum, Greg Wolfson, John Hiles
Package Design: Vera Jaye, Kristine Brogno, Jamie Davison Design
Installation Program: Andrei Snegov, Randy Jones, Michael Perry
Producer: Michael Perry
Customer Support Manager: Steve Abrew
Technical Support: Roger Johnson, Kirk Lesser, Aaron Shephard, Owen Nelson, Chris Charman, Jeffrey J. Feil
Product Managers: Anthony Dunaif (Markle), Michael Kretchmar (Maxis), Julia Hing (Maxis)
Public Relations: Owen Comora Associates, Lois Tilles (Maxis)
Manufacturing: Val Garcia, Kim Vincent
Advisory Panel: Mark Benerofe, Lewis W. Bernard, Edith C. Bjornson, Christopher Cerf, Catharine Clark, Michael Collins (Dr.), Owen Comora, Steven Farkas, Jean Johnson, John Lane, Steven Long (Dr.), Susan Marquis (Dr.), Lloyd N. Morrisett, Donald Seldin (Dr.), Robert Stein, Deborah Wadsworth, Andrew G. Wallace (Dr.)
Acknowledgements: Kenneth Anderson, Ned Asam, Dan Beauchamp (Dr.), Robert Huefner, John Immerwahr, Richard Miles, Joe Viar
Special Thanks To: Robert J. Rubin, Paul J. Feldstein, Charlie Firestone, Aspen Institute


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