Silent Service [Model NES-IV-USA]

Nintendo NES Cart. published 30 years ago by Ultra Games

Silent Service [Model NES-IV-USA] screenshot

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Silent Service © 1989 Ultra Games

Prepare to dive into Silent Service, the ultra-realistic submarine simulation that recreates authentic WWII sea patrols in the bloody waters of the South Pacific.

From the second you take command, you'll live by the motto FIND 'EM, CHASE 'EM, SINK 'EM, as you follow instruments, charts and your instincts in search of hostile convoys.

Every decision you make will tempt fate, whether you risk a nighttime surface attack with deck guns blazing, or fire your last torpedo at a troop transport escorted by sub-killing destroyers. Your only relaxing moments away from the depth charges will come during torpedo and gunnery practice off the bomb ripped coast of Midway Island.

So batten down your mental hatches. And remember, only 2 inches of steel and your tactical genius come between you and a watery grave!




Released in December 1989 in USA.

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