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Shock Troopers [Model NGM-238]

SNK Neo-Geo MVS cart. published 27 years ago by SNK Corp.

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Shock Troopers [Model NGM-238] screenshot

Shock Troopers © 1997 SNK.

Shock Troopers pits the players against a mighty terrorist group who are holding a girl hostage, in order to force her grandfather to surrender a powerful drug which will enable the terrorists to control the minds of the grandfather's soldiers and create a huge, unstoppable army.

Shock Troopers is a multi-directional scrolling shoot-em-up for one or two players that builds upon the foundations laid by Capcom's 1985 classic, "Commando (Capcom)" and also borrows heavily from Commando's sequel, '"Mercs". As well as enemy troops, players must contend with tanks, choppers and assorted military vehicles, and must also be careful to avoid any of the landmines that litter the levels. Extra weapons and health can be picked up from destroyed enemy vehicles, as well as being found in enemy supply crates. Shock Troopers is effectively three games in one as players can chose one of three different routes; each made up of different levels. The game also offers greater variety of gameplay than other of the genre; with levels having the players travel on the back of fast moving vehicles, climbing a rock face etc.


Runs on the SNK "Neo-Geo MVS" hardware.
Game ID: NGM-238

Players: 2
Control: 8-way joystick
Buttons: 4
=> [A] Shot/Close range attack, [B] Evasive Maneuver, [C] Special attack, [D] Change player (in team battle mode only)


Released in November 1997.

This game was not released on the Neo-Geo AES home console.

The character Marie has the same voice as King from Art of Fighting.

Pony Canyon / Scitron released a limited-edition soundtrack album for this game (Shock Troopers Second Squad, Shock Troopers - PCCB-00355) on 01/1999.


Developed by Saurus.

Executive producer : Nobuyuki Tanaka
Executive director : Yasushi Okahara (Yasushi Okaharo)
Planner : kenji Ishimoto
Object designers : Masato Miyoshi, Yoichi Sato, Kaori Ito, Hideo Akimoto, Michitaka Ishida, Narushiro Kishimoto
B.G. designers : Sachiko Miyoshi, Yuri Tachikawa, Yasuhori Tsuruoka, Naoko Tanaka
Programmers : Takashi Shishido, Yosuke Takasaki, Daiyoshi Sato
Music composers & Sound effects : Masahiko hataya, Masaki kase

* Voices :
Jackal : Taiyo Ofune
Milky : Reina Hayami
Loki : Kinnosuke Todoroki
Southern cross : Sinkichi Kaji
Marie bee : Suzue Isaribi
Rio : Isamu Kida
Maru : Kaeru Tsuchiya
Big mama : Towako Tendo
Cecilia : Yuka Utsumi
Commander : Meijin Takahashi


usa Sony PS2 (may.05, 2008) "SNK Arcade Classics Vol.1 [Model SLUS-21724]"
usa Sony PSP (may.05, 2008) "SNK Arcade Classics Vol.1 [Model ULUS-10338]"
korea Sony PS2 (may.29, 2008) "SNK Arcade Classics Vol.1 [Model SLKA-25424]"
usa Nintendo Wii (jul.29, 2008) "SNK Arcade Classics Vol.1 [Model RVL-P-RNCE]"
europe Sony PSP (Oct. 17, 2008) "SNK Arcade Classics Vol.1 [Model ULES-01105]"
europe Nintendo Wii (Oct. 31, 2008) "SNK Arcade Classics Vol.1 [Model RVL-P-RJZP]"
europe Sony PS2 (Nov. 21, 2008) "SNK Arcade Classics Vol.1 [Model SLES-55232]"
japan Sony PSP (May. 21, 2009) "SNK Arcade Classics Vol.1 [Model ULJS-193]"


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