Shikyaku Retsuden - Mahjong Wars [Model NB01001]

The NEC PC-Engine Game by Nichibutsu

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[CONSOLE] NEC PC-Engine Game

Shikyaku Retsuden - Mahjong Wars © 1990 Nichibutsu.

Shikaka Retsuden Mahjong Wars is a simple Role Playing Game with a blend of Mahjong. Our hero, a young teenage male, travels all around Japan and hold various Mahjong duels mainly against (cute) female characters. A good understanding of Japanese is needed in order to progress in the game despite its overall simplicity. There are many puzzles to solve, and some need to be unlocked in a specific order. The world is quite large, with big cities to visit, various caves and dungeons. The game uses the Backup Ram and it is advised to use it. Without it, a more classical, and really painful password system needs to be used instead to save the game's progress. Shikaka Retsuden Mahjong Wars also proposes a Normal Mode where the player can play a game of Mahjong again CPU controlled opponents.


HuCARD ID: NB01001
HuCARD Size: 2 Mbits.


Released on February 28, 1991 in Japan for 5400 Yen.

Game's ROM.
Game's description by Laurent Kermel;

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