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Shen Jian

IGS PGM cart. published 21 years ago by IGS Co., Ltd.

Listed in MAME

Shen Jian © 2003 IGS.

The cursed Sacred Sword appeared once again, took lives of hundreds people. Two prominent families were killed, just because they possessed it. Behind these entire massacres more mysteries were secretly hidden, the rumors said perhaps even the government seemed to take part of it. Chu Xing Han, San Kuan Ging and Wu Ping decided to revenge. Chu is good friend and partner Greg Tien Ray also wanted to help them. Mysterious woman Huang Her decided to kill her own father for committing all these crimes. Wu-Lin Sword master's disciple Siong Chien Chien had an eye on the power of the sword and determined to seize the object.

The conflict in Wu-Lin seemed to trigger at any moment, unconsciously all sword masters were falling into a sophisticated conspiracy designed by Yuen Dynasty Government and...


IGS PGM hardware

Main CPU : Motorola 68000, Zilog Z80
Sound Chips : ICS2115

Players : 4
Control : 8-way Joystick
Buttons : 4


Released in January 2003 in China.

This game is known as "The Gladiator" in the USA and "The Road of The Sword" in Japan.


* Secret Features:
On the mode selection screen, below features & modes can be unlocked by following codes:
Fight two bosses at once in Challange Mode: B, C, B, C, B, C
More bosses playable in Challange Mode: B, C, C, C, C, B
Ranking Mode: D, D, D, B, B, B
More skills in Ranking Mode: D, C, D, B, C, B


General Director: TsungHo Liu
Project Leader: Fred Liao
Art Director: WEI
Main Director: Andy Chu
Director: Petrus Gao, General, Gaxchi, Yakov Lin
Action Designer: WEI, Andy Chu, Gaxchi, Yakov Lin, Indjing Lin
Stage Designer: Thowas Lin, Pamboyoung, Qiuhong Chang, Jeffrey Chung, Jim Chang
Effect Designer: Pipy
Continuity Designer: George, Indjing Lin
Charactor Designer: Indjing Lin
Animator & Assistant: George, Dragon
Atr Designer: Seed, Mixhael Lin, Hugo, LEI, P.S, Maggie, Jim Chang, Reijun, KAI, Chiasen Yeh, RYO, KURAO
Main Programer: Tienkuo Lo
Program Engineer: LYW, Panxian Chen, D.S, Fred Liao
Music Conductor: Morrison
S.E & Editor: Julian Chiu
Tester & Technic Director: Shunji Yang


Game's ROMs.