Shark! Shark! [Model 5387]

A 36-year-old Mattel Intellivision Game by Mattel Electronics

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Shark! Shark! © 1982 Mattel Electronics

Terror reigns under the ocean surface. It's a heavy traffic of sharks, nasty fish, seahorses, crabs, lobsters and jellyfish. They swim fast, jerk up and down, lurk behind plants, or slide under coral reefs. They have weird shapes, striking colors, tiny or big sizes, and very mean intentions. They eat or kill each other at first sight!

Under your control, a small fish will begin scoring points by quickly GULPING SMALLER FISH and NIBBLING AT A BLACK SHARK'S TAIL. Watch for that shark turning around on you a bit too fast... or you're dead! Never touch his head or fins! For every 1000 points earned, you'll GROW ONE SIZE BIGGER. For every shark, crab, or lobster killed, you'll get one bonus small fish. You start with 5 small fish, one at a time, each a size 1, capable of growing up to size 5. After you've reached size 5, for every 1000 points earned you'll get a BONUS FISH instead. At certain sizes you're capable of eating up seahorses or killing falling crabs and lobsters. But when the size-6 jellyfish begins to cruise around, you'd better avoid him... as you would any fish or thing bigger than you... or you're finished. Get eaten up once, another small fish will take your place. But how many fish in your team have you left? Soon you'll have only one. WIN BY SCORING HIGH AND STAYING ALIVE!


Model 5387


Working Title: 'Shark'. Designer Ji-Wen Tsao got the idea for the game from the Chinese proverb 'Big fish eat little fish'.

The maximum possible score is 9,999,950. The maximum possible fish count is 255.


Computer fish size 0 = 100 points
Computer fish size 1 = 150 points
Computer fish size 2 = 200 points
Computer fish size 3 = 250 points
Computer fish size 4 = 300 points
Computer fish size 5 = 350 points

Player fish size 1 = 150 points
Player fish size 2 = 200 points
Player fish size 3 = 250 points
Player fish size 4 = 300 points

Player fish size 1 = 150 points
Player fish size 2 = 200 points
Player fish size 3 = 250 points
Player fish size 4 = 300 points
Player fish size 5 = 350 points

For player fish size 1, 7 nibblings are needed.
For player fish size 2, 6 nibblings are needed.
For player fish size 3, 5 nibblings are needed.
For player fish size 4, 4 nibblings are needed.
For player fish size 5, 3 nibblings are needed.

Game Level 0: 0 to 4,999 points
Game Level 1: 5,000 to 14,999 points
Game Level 2: 15,000 to 24,999 points
Game Level 3: 25,000 to 49,999 points
Game Level 4: 50,000 to 89,999 points
Game Level 5: 90,000 to 9,999,950 points

Game Level 0: 500 points
Game Level 1: 550 points
Game Level 2: 600 points
Game Level 3: 650 points
Game Level 4: 700 points
Game Level 5: 750 points


* While a shark is off the screen, try to stay away from the edge of the screen. Another one may appear suddenly next to you, and get you! Any fish bigger than you can surprise you the same way!

* When chasing a smaller fish, be careful of any larger fish nearby who may also be chasing the same fish.

* Don't trust the coral reefs for hiding. They're infested with crabs and lobsters!

* When nibbling at a shark's tail, be sure there are no large fish around the shark and there's enough space for escaping from shark attack! Nibble him to death BEFORE he tries to leave the screen.

* Try not to nibble at shark's tail when shark is too close to the top or bottom of the screen.

* For 2-player games, decide quickly which smaller fish you're going to eat and do it BEFORE your opponent's player fish gets in your way. Try to build up bonus fish WHILE your opponent's player fish is DEAD.


Design & Program: Ji-Wen Tsao
Sound & Music: Andy Sells

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