Shadow Dancer - The Secret of Shinobi [Model G-4043]

A 28-year-old Sega Mega Drive Game by SEGA Enterprises

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Shadow Dancer - The Secret of Shinobi © 1990 Sega Enterprises, Limited.

Some time after destroying Neo Zeed in Revenge of Shinobi, Joe Musashi decides to spend some time in america with his student, Kato. One day though when a mysterious terrorist group known as Union Lizard takes an elementary school hostage, Kato sets out to defuse the situation, only to be fatally wounded by one of Union Lizard's members.

Angered by this, Joe promises Kato's mother that he will avenge Kato's death. This time however, Joe's not alone because Kato's dog, Yamato will accompany Joe in his quest for avenging Kato's death.


[JP] Game ID: G-4043
[JP] Cartridge ID: 670-1068
[JP] Cover ID: 670-1069


The Mega Drive version of Shadow Dancer, fully titled 'Shadow Dancer - The Secret of Shinobi', was released on December 1, 1990 in Japan, with subsequent releases in North America, Europe, and Brazil.

The Brazilian version was manufactured by Tec Toy.

The main character's identity, originally a nameless ninja in the coin-op game, differs between the supplement materials of this version. In the Japanese version, the ninja was given the name Hayate, who is identified as the biological son of Joe Musashi from the original Shinobi, whereas in the English localization the ninja is actually Joe Musashi himself. The companion dog is named Yamato in both versions. According to the back-story of both versions, the main character sought to avenge the death of a man named Kato, who was Hayate's mentor in the Japanese version and Musashi's student in the English version.

While the basic gameplay remained basically unchanged from the original coin-op game, the Genesis/Mega Drive version features all new stages and bosses, and a slightly different objective : instead of looking for time bombs, the player must now rescue hostages scattered around each stage. The bonus rounds were also changed from a first-person minigame to one in which the player must shoot down ninjas below them while skydiving from a building.


[US] Sony PS2 (nov.7, 2006) "Sega Genesis Collection [Model SLUS-21542]"
[JP] Nintendo Wii [Virtual Console] (dec.2, 2006)
[EU] [AU] Nintendo Wii [Virtual Console] (jan.8, 2010) [Model MBEP]
[US] Nintendo Wii [Virtual Console] (jan.18, 2010)

[US] Sony PSP (nov.16, 2006) "Sega Genesis Collection [Model ULUS-10192]"

[US] PC [Steam] (june.1, 2010) both stand-alone and as part of "Sega Genesis Classics Pack 1"
[EU] PC [Steam] (june.1, 2010) both stand-alone and as part of "Sega Mega Drive Classics Pack 1"
[US] PC [Steam] (mar.25, 2011) "SEGA Genesis Classics Collection"
[EU] PC [Steam] (mar.25, 2011) "SEGA Mega Drive Classics Collection"

[EU] Arcade [Mega-Tech] (1990) "Shadow Dancer [Mega-Tech 43]"

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