Sewer Sam [Model 8010002]

The Mattel Intellivision Game by Interphase

Sewer Sam [Model 8010002] screenshot

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[CONSOLE] Mattel Intellivision Game

Sewer Sam © 1983 Interphase.

One or two players compete to guide Sewer Sam through myriad mazes of danger-filled tunnels searching for...beep, beep, beep...three enemy submarines that have invaded the city's sewer system. But watch out for subterranean dangers, as Sam dodges and shoots snakes, crocodiles, bats, rats, web-spinning spiders, and more! Enough to make even the stout-hearted Sam searches through wet and dry tunnels for the ultimate showdown!


Model 8010002


Design/Program: Stephen Willey

Game's ROM.

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