Sengoku Densyo 2 [Model NGM-040]

SNK Neo-Geo MVS cart. published 31 years ago by SNK Corp.

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Sengoku Densyo 2 [Model NGM-040] screenshot

Sengoku Densyo 2 © 1993 SNK [Shin Nihon Kikaku].

The Mad Shogun rises again, this time taking over various periods in the time stream. Now you're permanently armed with a sword and must save different eras from the wrath of the Mad Shogun!


Runs on the SNK "Neo-Geo MVS" hardware.
Game ID : NGM-040

Players : 2
Control : 8-way joystick
Buttons : 4
=> On foot > [A] Slice [B] Sever [C] Jump [D] Change
=> On a horse > [A] Forward attack [B] Rear attack


Sengoku Densyo 2 (translates from Japanese as 'Civil War Tradition 2') was released in Febuary 1993 in Japan.

This game is known outside Japan as just 'Sengoku 2'.

[FR] May 1993 - Consoles + No. 20: 83/100 (AES version)


1. Sengoku Densyo [Model NGM-017] (1991)
2. Sengoku Densyo 2 [Model NGM-040] (1993)
3. Sengoku 3 [Model NGM-261] (2001)


Producer : Yanbaru
Director : Sick Of
Programmers : Shinchan (as 'Shinchan-SSSS'), Nuckey Nuckey Fuji Nuckey
Graphic Designers : U-Rakuchou, M-Marohie, Mic-Senbey, Dadamushi, Ui---su Shio, Guillotine Kama
Music : Tate Norio
Sound effects : Yoko


SNK Neo-Geo (Apr.9, 1993; "Sengoku Densyo 2 [Model NGH-040]")
SNK Neo-Geo CD (Mar.17, 1995; "Sengoku Densyo 2 [Model NGCD-040]")


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