SegaSonic Popcorn Shop

The Vending Machine by SEGA Enterprises, Ltd.

Emulated in MAME !


[COIN-OP] Vending Machine

SegaSonic Popcorn Shop © 1993 Sega.

This is a mixture of Vending Machine/Video Game. You play as Sonic trying to deliver popcorn to the customer. Robotnik tries to stop Sonic by placing him on a treadmill. You have to make Sonic run faster than the treadmill so he can jump off the end and deliver the popcorn. You have to make Sonic run by turning the wheel on the front of the machine as fast as you can.

You can play the game while the machine actually makes popcorn for you.


SegaSonic Popcorn Shop the  Vending Machine
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Runs Sega "System C-2" hardware.

Game's picture.

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