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SDK-86 © 1979 Intel.

The SDK-86 MCS-86 System Design Kit is a complete single board 8086 microcomputer system in kit form. It contains all necessary components to complete construction of the kit, including LED display, keyboard, resistors, caps, crystal, and miscellaneous hardware. Included are preprogrammed ROMs containing a system monitor for general software utilities and system diagnostics. The complete kit includes an 8-digit LED display and a mnemonic 24-key keyboard for direct insertion, examination, and execution of a user's program. In addition, it can be directly interfaced with a teletype terminal, CRT terminal, or the serial port of an Intellec system.

All major components were socketed and the kit could be assembled by anyone having a limited technical knowledge thanks to a clear and complete assembly manual.


SDK-86 the Computer
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The SDK-86 (System Design Kit) was the first available computer using the Intel 8086 microprocessor. It was sold as a single board kit at a cheaper price than a single 8086 chip because Intel thought that the success of a microprocessor depends on its evaluation by as many users as possible.

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