SD Gundam - Dimension War [Model VUE-VSDJ-JPN]

Nintendo Virtual Boy cart. published 27 years ago by Bandai

SD Gundam - Dimension War [Model VUE-VSDJ-JPN] screenshot

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SD???? Dimension War © 1995 Bandai
(SD Gundam - Dimension War)

Just how much time may have passed since humanity began to pursue a place of activity in space...?

Fires resulting from numerous battles go out. There has been repeated sadness, and many people have come to tears each time....

And amidst the fighting that continues even now, the war situation has worsened. Armed enemy forces retrieved the new mobile suit models that had been developed at each base. Troops were dispatched, in order to be deployed to the front lines.

G Force was appointed to the project.... This is the force that was organized around the Gundams and that even now hands down the battle-tested, brave figures.

G Force, tasked with destroying the enemy forces and recovering the mobile suits, raided into the battlefield.

Upon repeating the battles a number of times, G Force received information on the existence of new enemies and all-new mobile suit models. There is now a new mission from military headquarters!

Attack the new enemy mobile suits!!

Together with the new mobile suit models that were recovered, G Force starts out once again for a new battlefield, in order to destroy the new enemy mobile suits...




Released on December 22, 1995 in Japan.


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