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Screamer 2

IBM PC/AT DOS CD published 28 years ago by Virgin Interactive Ent., Ltd.

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Screamer 2 © 1996 Virgin Interactive Ent., Ltd.

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The game was rated K-A (Kids to Adults, generally suitable for all ages) by ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board).


Directed by: Antonio Farina
Game Programming: Stefano Lecchi
Multi-player and Menu Programming: Ivan Del Duca
3-D Engine Code: Simone Balestra, Antonio Martini
Set-up Programming: Simone Balestra
Head Artist: Marco Spitoni
Track Design and Modeling: Chris Moore
Additional Track Modeling: Gianluca Miragoli, Daniela Nobili
Track Optimization: David John Yerkess
Car Models: Gianluca Miragoli
3-D Graphics and 2-D Textures: Ignazio Corrao, Gianluca Miragoli, Marco Spitoni
Menu Graphics: Ignazio Corrao, Chris Moore, Marco Spitoni
Quality Assurance: Al Perch, David John Yerkess
Special Thanks To: Simone Maiocchi
Produced by: Peter Hickman, Anthony Hinds
Test Manager: Gary Foley
Lead Analyst: Tuan Bui, Al Perch
Product Analysts: Nick Camerota, David Corless, Ron Festejo, Steven Frazer, Matt Howes, David Isherwood, Alon Malka, Gary Mountain, Khanh D. Nguyen, Matt Orlich, Richard R. Bruno, Jonathan Stocken, Tim Tran, Wallace H. Wachi Jr., David Walsh, Hayden Wright
Producer: Lou Rios
Lead Associate Producer: Jeff Ziel
Associate Producer: Ken Love
QA Director: David Maxey
QA Supervisor: Michael Johnson
QA Technical Specialist: Paul Moore
QA Planning Analyst: Chris McFarland
Public Relations: Kris Kraves, Michelle Schroder
Director of Marketing/Product Manager: Jane Gilbertson
Packaging Creative Director: Shawn Markert
U.S. Manual Editor: Lori Ellison
Special Thanks: Brenda Camargo, Krystle St. Claire, David Coffey, Chris Drews, John Geoffroy, Jonathan Gross, Gerry Hall, Erik Harshman, Judy Leon, Mick Love, Gail MacNaughton, Cindi Mann-Bolkow, Scott Maples, Gavin McCullen, Dan Moses, Kathleen Peters, Kevin Potter, Jeff Rice, Joey Sanchez, Tommy Tallarico, Candice Uyloan, Heidi Webster, Carolyn Whene, Diane Wickwire


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