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List of sound playables on this page (30 files):

01 swords soul (title).vgz
02 the twelve challengers (player select).vgz
03 iza jinjyouni.vgz
04 the scent of wind (shizumaru hisame).vgz
05 shoubuari.vgz
06 waterfall of devotion (galford).vgz
07 breath of nature (nakoruru).vgz
08 the mirror of heart (rimururu).vgz
09 kachi ikusa (winner demo).vgz
10 the peerless sword (interim demo).vgz
11 the river (ukyo tachibana).vgz
12 the man in the shadows (kuroko demo).vgz
13 the play of dancing battle (kuroko).vgz
14 the tune of biwa (image screen me).vgz
15 honors sake (haohmaru).vgz
16 the song of oni (genjuro kibagami).vgz
17 the sorrow of styx (basara).vgz
18 temple (gaira caffeine).vgz
19 dance of banquet (kyoshiro senryo).vgz
20 penitentiary (hanzo hattori).vgz
21 disgraceful behaviour (shiro tokisada amakusa).vgz
22 a strong warrior appears (before boss battle).vgz
23 iza jinjyouni 2 (zankuro stage iza jinjyouni).vgz
24 the last blade (zankuro minazuki 1).vgz
25 the collapse of the great buddha.vgz
26 eternity (zankuro minazuki 2).vgz
27 rain calling taiko (ending).vgz
28 celebration (staff roll).vgz
29 request for an encore (continue).vgz
30 the curtain falls (game over).vgz