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Samurai Spirits - Amakusa Kourin [Model NGM-222]

SNK Neo-Geo MVS cart. published 28 years ago by SNK Corp.

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Samurai Spirits - Amakusa Kourin [Model NGM-222] screenshot

Samurai Shodown IV - Amakusa's Revenge © 1996 SNK.

The 4th installment of the weapons-based one-on-one fighting series features seventeen selectable characters and two end bosses. Changes to the established formula include the removal of both aerial blocking and the switch-around move (the latter of which which allowed a player to move quickly behind their opponent's back). Dodges, which allowed players to evade/side-step attacks are also gone.

Players can no longer charge up their own POW gauge but a new move called the 'CD combo' was added; players can press the C and D buttons together, triggering a strike that can be followed up by a sequence of button taps.

SNK also added a "suicide" move, allowing a player to forfeit a round. The advantage to this is that the one committing suicide will start the next round with a full "POW" gauge. Certain finishes also enable a "fatality" move in the vein of "Mortal Kombat".

Some of the series' older characters were restored for the 4th game, including Charlotte, Tam Tam and Jubei Yagyu. The entire cast of the previous game also returns, although some have been redrawn to further enhance the cartoonish look.

Joining the cast are the two ninja brothers:

* Kazuki Kazama - member of the Kazama ninja clan specializing in fire jutsu, he deserts to rescue his younger sister, Hazuki, from Amakusa's clutches.

* Sogetsu Kazama - older brother to Kazuki and Hazuki who uses water jutsu; unlike Kazuki, he stays with the clan and is ordered to assassinate his brother for leaving.


Runs on the SNK "Neo-Geo MVS" hardware.
Game ID : NGM-0222

Players : 2
Control : 8-way joystick
Buttons : 4
=> [A] Light attack with weapon, [B] Medium attack with weapon, [C] Strong attack with weapon, [D] Kick


Samurai Spirits - Amakusa Kourin (translates from Japanese as 'Samurai Spirits - Amakusa's Descent') was released in October 1996 in Japan.

This game is known outside Japan as 'Samurai Shodown IV - Amakusa's Revenge'.


* Beat the entire game in the time limit to see a picture of Wan-Fu or Sieger after the end credits. Who appears is entirely at random though.

* In order to see a special win pose with the puppies, win with a double
perfect using Slash Galford. Galford will say, 'Arigato!' as the puppies
scamper across the screen.

* I'm Not Afraid Of You! : think you are really good? Tap START 3 times quickly to make your character drop his/her sword. Now show your opponents that the most fearsome weapons are the ones you were born with! Note : a few characters are really hampered by the loss of weapon (e.g. Haohmaru, Kazuki, Sogetsu) and a few are not really affected (Nakoruru, Rimururu, Hanzo).

* Sepukku (Suicide) : press Back, then move your joystick a quarter circle from forwards to down and press START to make your character kill himself/herself and lose the current round (Useless trick? Not quite since you will start the next round with a full rage gauge!).

* Silly Name Trick : now this is weird! At the naming screen input 'AAA' as your name to make your character faint!


1. Samurai Spirits [Model NGM-045] (1993)
2. Shin Samurai Spirits - Haohmaru Jigoku Hen [Model NGM-063] (1994)
3. Samurai Spirits - Zankurou Musouken [Model NGM-087] (1995)
4. Samurai Spirits - Amakusa Kourin [Model NGM-222] (1996)
5. Samurai Spirits 64 (1997)
6. Samurai Spirits 2 - Asura Zanmaden (1998)
7. Kenkaku Ibunroku Yomigaerishi Soukou no Ha - Samurai Spirits Shinshou (1999, PSX)
8. Samurai Spirits Zero [Model NGM-270] (2003)
9. Samurai Spirits Zero Special [Model NGM-272] (2004)
10. Samurai Spirits - Tenkaichi Kenkakuden (2005)
11. Samurai Shodown - Edge of Destiny (2008)


Executive producer : Eikichi Kawasaki
Producers : Y. Koudou, H. Kawano, Bad Apples
Planners : Head-Ken, Tomi Yan, Kouji Takaya, Guro
Support from : Masami Nakaoka, Eiji Shiroi, Y. Kawase, Araiichi, Nao.Q.
Back team : Yasupuu (as Yasu-Puu), Anta-Baka, Y. Yoshimitsu, Yoshiko, Pu-Suke, Has, Y, N. Azumi, Chu
Programmers : Kura, Llaoyllakcuf, Dan-ABE
Sound : Yamapy-1, Jojoha Kitapy, Mitsuo, Sha-V

* Voice Actors :
Tam Tam : Toshikazu Nishimura
Galford : Mantaro Koichi
Hanzo Hattori : Toshimitsu Arai
Jubei Yagyu : Kiyoshi Kobayashi
Sogetsu Kazama : Naoki Oikawa
Kazuki Kazama : Atsushi Yamanishi
Genjuro Kibagami : Kong Kuwata
Haohmaru : Masaki Usui
Charlotte : Harumi Ikoma
Tokisada Shirou Amakusa : Eiji Yano
Kyoshiro Senryou : Monster Maetsuka
Ukyo Tachibana : Eiji Yano
Basara Kubikiri : Masahiro Nonaka
Gaira Kafuin : Takeshi Watanabe
Shizumaru Hisame : Miho Kaneda
Nakoruru : Harumi Ikoma
Rimururu : Megumi Matsumoto
Zankuro Minazuki : Enma Ito


japan SNK Neo-Geo AES (Nov. 29, 1996) "Samurai Spirits - Amakusa Kourin [Model NGH-222]"
japan SNK Neo-Geo CD (Dec. 27, 1996) "Samurai Spirits - Amakusa Kourin [Model NGCD-222]"
japan Sega Saturn (Oct. 02, 1997) "Samurai Spirits - Amakusa Kourin [Model T-3116G]"
japan Sega Saturn (Oct. 02, 1997) "Samurai Spirits - Amakusa Kourin [Model T-3118G]"
japan Sony PlayStation (Dec. 25, 1997) "Samurai Spirits - Amakusa Kourin Special [Model SLPS-01171]"
japan Sega Saturn (Aug. 06, 1998) "Samurai Spirits Best Collection [Model T-3123G]"
japan SNK Neo-Geo Pocket (Dec. 25, 1998) "Samurai Spirits! [Model NEOP00080]"
japan SNK Neo-Geo Pocket (Dec. 25, 1998) "Samurai Spirits! [Special Box] [Model NEOP90010]"
japan Sony PlayStation (Apr. 24, 2003) "PSone Books: Samurai Spirits - Amakusa Kourin Special [Model SLPS-91513]"
japan Sony PS2 (jul.24, 2008) "NeoGeo Online Collection Vol.12: Samurai Spirits - Rokuban Shobu [Model SLPS-25839]"
japan Nintendo Wii (jul.24, 2008) "Samurai Spirits - Rokuban Shobu [Model RVL-RSSJ-JPN]"
japan Sony PS2 (june.18, 2009) "NeoGeo Online Collection The Best: Samurai Spirits - Rokuban Shobu [Model SLPS-25934]"


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