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List of sound playables on this page (24 files):

01 a theme of the salamander 2.vgz
02 credit.vgz
03 silvery wings again.vgz
04 theme of the gorem.vgz
05 sensation.vgz
06 theme of the mechanical boss.vgz
07 all is vanity.vgz
08 theme of the living body boss.vgz
09 serious! serious! serious!.vgz
10 speed.vgz
11 dear blue.vgz
12 power of anger (maeda version).vgz
13 last exit (maeda version).vgz
14 planet ratis (maeda version).vgz
15 prelude of the last battle.vgz
16 giga rage.vgz
17 beginning from the endless.vgz
18 what your name.vgz
19 and then.vgz
20 no future.vgz
21 fire tripper.vgz
22 nervous breakdown.vgz
23 ending - am show ver.vgz
24 speaker check.vgz