Safety Monkey

PC/MS-Windows CD published 27 years ago by IVI Publishing, Inc.

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Safety Monkey © 1994 IVI Publishing, Inc.

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Created by: Christopher Thompson, Lee Barnes, Anna Roth
Producer: Lee Barnes
Designer: Anna Roth
Project Manager: Lori Deutsch
Writer: Leah Komaiko
Art Director: Laura Lizak
Composer: Dan Sawyer
Lead Software Engineer: Greg Scharf
Software Engineers: David Edelstein, Jason Curtice
Technical Director: Randy Casey
Audio Design/Engineering: Robert Fayer, David McRell
Lead Video Artist: Andy Jones
Video Artists: Mike Ford, Daniel Bernstein, Aron Campisano
Graphic Artists: Pei-Ling Hwang, Kit Rosenlund, Margarita Soloria
Design Illustrations: Karl Fornander, Cameron Striewski
Key Design Assistant: Kirsten Denny
Design Assistant: Jasper T. von Meerheimb
Voice Over Director: Cam Clarke
Casting: Cam Clarke, Debe Waisman
Testing: Margarita Soloria, Eric Nakano
Production Assistants: William Liu, Adam Cook, Tricia Hale

Producers: Tom Burton, Claudia Zeitlin Burton
Director: Joel Fajnor
Art Direction: Ken Leonard
Production Design: Nestor P. Redondo, Dan E. Chessher, Won Ki Cho, Hee Ja Cho, David B. McBride
Layout: Curtis Cim (Supervisor), Dan E. Chessher, Won Ki Cho, Nestor P. Redondo
Background Styling: David B. McBride, George W. Stokes
Key Animation: Burton Medall, Won Ki Cho, Zeon Davush, Les Kaluza, Jacqueline Corley, Mary Cim, Michael Toth
Assistant Animation: Paul Bauman, Hee Ja Cho, George A. Goodchild, Erna Kaluza, David B. McBride, George W. Stokes, Budeen Yan
Animation Direction: Burton Medall, Mary Cim
Ink and Paint: Gail L. Fiala (Supervisor), Laura Davis, Cindy Z. Kramer, Susan Lamy, Barbara Laszio, Sofia Laszlo, Kukhee Lee, Maria C. Quinones C.
Cel Xerography: Dean Stanley, Judi Cassell, John Remmel
Pre and Post Production Supervisor: Franklin Cofod
Camera: Nancy Ketelsen (Supervisor), Roncie Hantke, John Lindahl
Track Reading: Tom Anderson
Production Assistants: Diane De Laurentis, Deannie Gallegos, Martin James Pratti
Additional Animation Services by: Pacific Rim Productions Inc.

Mayo Clinic Advisory Commitee: Susan L. Ahlquist (R.N.), Daniel D. Broughton (M.D.), Kenneth L. Kurth, David E. Larson (M.D.), James S. Martin, Randall S. McKeeman, Vicki L. Moore, Norman H. Rasmussen (Ed.D.), Jill A. Swanson (M.D.), Steven P. Vannurden

Executive Producer: Gary Bradt
Associate Producer: Jennifer Fromke
Product Manager: Gary Lindsey
Marketing: Flemming Aase, Margaret Vergeyle
Communications: Kathy McIlvaine
Promotions: Jan Harley
Customer Relations: Laurie Halverson
Technical Support: Bill Roy
Engineering: Sheldon Bailey
Operations: Brian Niebur, Lori Pearson


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