Safecracker [Model 720025]

A 35-year-old Mattel Intellivision Game by Imagic, Inc.

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Safecracker © 1983 Imagic

You're the super spy and your mission - recapture sensitive stolen documents, top secret equipment, and gold! Cruise the city streets in your limousine but watch out - enemy secret police are on the hunt...for you! Keep an eye peeled for the building where the secrets are stored then slip inside.

Can you crack the combination? Maybe you should blow it open, or would that bring enemy agents down on you? Run for it! The chase is on. Can you keep ahead of them? Your gunfire says maybe so. But watch out! Your car careens mighty close to one curb...can you pull it off, or will you do time in a foreign prison?


Model 720025


Available in June, '83.


Design/Program: Marvin Mednick
Sound: Dave Durran

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