S.T.U.N. Runner [Model PA2060]

A 27-year-old Atari Lynx Game by Atari

Emulated in MAME !

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S.T.U.N. Runner © 1991 Atari Corp.

The object of S.T.U.N. Runner is to complete each course before time runs out. Enemy craft will try to slow you down along the way. You can destroy these enemies individually with blasts from you laser or in groups with Shochwaves collected along the way.


Model PA2060


Destroy Blue Ground Enemy: 25
Run over Red Star: 50
Destroy Red Ground Enemy: 50
Destroy Purple Mug Cycle: 75
Destroy Brown Ground Enemy: 75
Run over Green Star: 500
Destroy Flying Silver Enemy: 750
Destroy Flying Red Bird: 1000

In addition, you earn 200 points for running over a Power Boost Pad. If you run over a Power Boost Pad when you are already using a boost, you earn 200 points, plus the value of the previous boost, up to a maximum of 5000 points.

When you complete a level, you earn 1500 points, plus other bonus points based on time, kills, stars, and boosts.


* Learn the differences in the various levels. If you know what to expect, you are most likely to succeed.

* Outside walls are faster in turns.

* Hit as many boosts as you can. Some levels are impossible to finish without extra speed.

* Learn to maneuver around the indestructible droids.

* Don't waste Shockwaves. Use them only when you have to.

* Use jump ramps to destroy flying enemies.

* Warp From Level 12 to 18: Start at level 11 (Labyrinth) and complete it. On level 12 (Coathanger) go right and catch the boost and continue going right. You will fly up and then continue and cross the finish line. You will be warped to level 18!

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