Ryu ga Gotoku 3 [Model BLJM-60132]

A 9-year-old Sony PlayStation 3 Game by SEGA

Not emulated in MAME


龍が如く3 © 2009 Sega Corporation.

(Ryu ga Gotoku 3)

Ryu ga Gotoku 3 introduces PSN Trophies to the series with 45 trophies. It also adds four new gameplay elements as listed below:

Seamless Battle (shimuresu batoru): Seamless Battle is a streaming data-based loading-free system that allows the game to directly connect the adventure mode and the battle mode (called Kenka) without the usual loading black screen.

Chase Battle (cheisu batoru): Chase Battle is a new battle mode which replaces the regular brawling (Kenka) with a running sequence set within a certain area. Both chaser and chased have a stamina gauge that decreases as naturally as the character runs, by being hit with a thrown object or by colliding with a passer-by. When the stamina gauge is empty the exhausted character stops the chase. During the game a minor character, Mack Shinozuka will train Kazuma to improve his running performance.

Revelation (tenkei): Ten revelations will allow Kazuma Kiryu to learn new Heat Actions in Adventure mode; it is rather similar to the system introduced in the previous game Ryū ga Gotoku: Kenzan!. This time Kazuma uses the built-in camera on his cell phone to record new moves and techniques. These are acquired through hints and incidents spotted in First Person View. Learned Heat Actions are posted on Kazuma's personal blog, called Kamuroblo, which uses the same template as producer Toshihiro Nagoshi's own blog.

First Person View: When pressing the DualShock 3's R3 button during the adventure mode, the standard third person view switches to a brand new first person mode. This perspective allows a better observation of the streets and people, but looking some people in the eyes using First Person View will provoke him and he will attack. First Person View is disabled in some indoor places and at certain angles.
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Game ID: BLJM-60132

The game's default video output is 720p HD graphics rendering at a resolution of 1024x768 without anti-aliasing but it supports 1080p mode upscale.


Ryu ga Gotoku 3 was released on February 26, 2009 in Japan. A free demo version was released on the Japanese PlayStation Store on February 19, 2009.

The title of this game translates from Japanese as 'Like a Dragon 3'.

Ryu ga Gotoku 3's character designing began shortly after the completion of Ry? ga Gotoku Kenzan! in 2008 with a three-week project phase followed by an eight months production. In the end 110 high polygon characters, for they appear in Event Scene cinematics, plus 250 minor characters were created by 60 teams producing a dozen characters each. Thus 360 characters were produced following a "one person one body" philosophy and a three-day per body target schedule. As a comparison, the production of the first Ryu ga Gotoku on PS2 took 10 months and had no more volume.

As with the previous Ryu ga Gotoku game, main characters have their face scanned through Cyberware's head & face color 3-D scanner. Event Scene cinematics are real-time and render highly detailed XSI 6.5 2.5MB data size characters using 18,000~20,000 polygons each. 3-D model bones are made of 107 meshes with 64 used for the body and the remaining 43 used for the face. In addition, the PlayStation 3 employs advanced graphics technologies without LOD, texture size 512×512 front buffer with 512×512 back buffer, diffuse map and normal map, multi map (ambient occlusion, specular mask, 8-bit specular power RGB) within cutscene. These Event Scene cinematics fully exploit Sega's in-house facial expressions engine called Magical V-Engine. This engine is based on a unique wrinkle shader technology that allows for advanced facial animation from voice recordings alone. By animating based upon not only the phonetic lip syncing but tone, the software can emulate the basic human emotions in full facial expression.

[JP] "Ryu ga Gotoku 3 [Model BLJM-55012]" (2009)
[JP] "Ryu ga Gotoku 3 [Model BLJM-55026]" (2011)

Export releases:
[US] "Yakuza 3 [Model BLUS-30494]"
[EU] "Yakuza 3 [Model BLES-00834]"

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