Rygar - Legendary Warrior [Model PA2043]

Atari Lynx Cart. published 28 years ago by Atari

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Rygar - Legendary Warrior © 1990 Atari Corp.

Millions of years ago, a benevolent wizard banished the minions of darkness to the underworld, freeing the land of evil and ushering in a long era of peace and prosperity for our people. Unfortunately, the wizard had not yet learned the Eternal Spells. Before he died, however, he prophesied that, someday, a great hero would be born. The hero would be known by a mysterious birthmark - the Mark of the Wizard. This mark would allow the hero to open the magic chests strewn throughout the land and use the magic weapons hidden within.

10,000 years have passed since the dark forces resurfaced and claimed the land for their own. The people of Good fled the land. They were forced to hide in the unfruitful regions at the edge of the world, across the great sea.

But they never lost their love for their original home. For ten millenia they selected the best of their people, creating a race of heroes. You, Rygar, are the greatest of the great. When you were born you were named Rygar the Re-claimer, because you bore the Mark of the Wizard.

If we are ever to reclaim the land that is ours by birth, you will have to return to our homeland and fight the minions of evil. No one can help you on this quest. You must go alone. If you fail, the evil ones will know of our existence and destroy us completely. If, however, you remain true to the Mark which you bear, you will vanquish those evil forces forever and we can return to the rich lands we were forced to leave so many ages ago.

And now, Rygar, you know who and what you are. Go now. Claim your birhtright. Do not fail your fathers!


Cartridge ID: PA2043


1990 - Consoles + HS N.2 [FR]: 75/100


Destroying enemies:
Cave Bat: 240 points
Cave Bat Missile: 170 points
Fire (ball): 60 points
Flying Dragon: 1,200 points
Giant Ant: 200 points
Ground Rhino(small): 150 points
Gryphon (flying creature): 140-210 points
Lava Man: 160-190 points
Lava Man's Fireball: 10 points
No-Head: 100 points
Rhino (large): 7,200 points
Rollerbaby (spiky pillbug): 120 points
Rusher: 230 points

Finding Bonus Objects:
Blue Shield: 990 points
Destroyer: 10,000 points
Diamond: 300 points
Question Mark: 1,000 - 75,000 points
Red Orb: 200 points
Star: .0 point, 100 Rank points
Time: 0 point

Temple Scoring:
Repulse Bonus: 100 points for each enemy destroyed.
Timer Bonus: 100 points for each remaining second.


* Memorize each land. The more experienced you are, the better you will know the land. That makes it easier to reach the next land.

* Be fast, but don't get so caught up on speed that you don't notice approaching enemies.

* When there are lots of enemies on the ground, jump on them. This disables them so you can destroy them easily.

* Destroy the cave bat before climbing a rope. If you fail to destroy the bat, you will have a tough time climbing.

* Certain areas contain secret chests. Experience will teach you where to jump to find these secret chests.

* For the best score, destroy all enemies and reach the temple as quickly as possible.


Programmer: Lou Haehn

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