Russian Winter

A 16-year-old Slot Machine by Octavian Italy srl

Not emulated in MAME


Russian Winter © 2002 Octavian.

5-reel 5-line video slot.


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* Sun Mode : Sun in the middle of a big left reel starts a series of Sun Games.
A free bonus line is added. Wins are paid bottom-up. The reels with parts of a Snowman are held. The Snowman on the vertical line pays a bonus award.

* Moon Mode : Moon in the middle of a big right reel runs a series of Moon Games. Small reels nudge up or down to match the winning combination.

* Snowflakes Feature : Three snowflakes on a lit payline will trigger the bonus feature.
A frozen window divided into sections will appear. Thaw out the window sections starting from the bottom row, and each section will reveal either a man’s or a bear's bonus award.
When the window is thawed out, you will be offered to draw whose bonus award you will win.

* Bears Feature : Three bears on a lit payline will move you to a bedroom where a family of bears is sleeping.
You have to open the doors of lockers and find the bear’s winter reserves. You will keep opening the doors until an alarm clock appears. It will awake the bears and finish the feature.
A brownie will grant you an extra feature.