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Ruiner Pinball [Model J9061]

Atari Jaguar cart. published 29 years ago by Atari Corp.

Listed in MAME

Ruiner Pinball © 1995 Atari Corp.


Be prepared for a visual banquet of characters and fun-filled possibilities. You'll find action and fun animation in every inch. There are two totally cool soundtracks, as well as all the bells, bings, clunks and pings you'd expect to find in the arcade. Multiple flippers, multiple levels, dual-table play and bonus shots galore will really test your skills. Get ready to drop a few bombs or get bats in your belfry!

Set in 1962, with the devastation of World War II and the threat of nuclear warfare fresh in everyone's mind, the possibility of a nuclear attack strikes fear in the hearts of people throughout the civilized world.

The Cold War has come to a head. Nuclear War is imminent. You are responsible for the protection of your country. Prepare for DEFCON 1 - full-scale war - brace yourself for the inevitable counterattack, and have a blast!

Ruiner is an intense, super-fast, totally killer game. Keep your eyes on the ball and blow up anything that moves, but watch out for civilians! This action-filled pinball game is going to blow your mind!

Deep in the uncharted forests of a strange land stands a castle whose sinister tower casts a foreboding shadow across the surrounding trees. The tower can be seen for miles. Tales of its purpose abound but few have ventured to climb its heights and fewer still returned to tell the tale.

You, seeking adventure and action-packed pinball thrills, enter the tower to discover its blackhearted purpose. You must battle with the strange inhabitants and their all-powerful mistress, the evil sorceress. Will this be your last pinball game ever? Will you return to sanity and live to fight another day?

Sure! It is possible to defeat the Tower and bring it crashing down, but doing it is a real challenge. You'll have to use the magic of the tower to cast three spells. It's going to be hell, and it will drive you bats, but you'll have a devil of a good time.


Model J9061

Joypad Left, Up, Down: Left flipper
B Button: Right flipper
A Button: Launch ball
Button 1: Left nudge
Joypad Right: Left nudge
Button 3: Right nudge
C Button: Right nudge
Button 2: Center nudge
Button 7: Instantly restart a game after last ball
Button 9: Instantly restart a game at the same level
Pause: Pauses the game


To continue game with the same Defcon (in Ruiner) or same spells cast (in Tower) press at the 'Game Over' sequence: 7 or 9


Developed by High Voltage Software and published by Atari.

Producer: Bill Rehbock
Associate Producer: Joe Cain
Lead Tester: Chris Charles
Testers: Ned, Nathan Tan, Jennifer Vernon, Bill Woods
Marketing Product Manager: Kristine Chambers
Creative Services: Greg LaBrec, Diana Bredfeldt, Beeline Group

Producer: Kerry J. Ganofsky
Programmer: Scott Corley
Artist: Mike Baker
Collision Maps: Cary Penczek
Ruiner Design: Scott Corley
Tower Design: Mike Baker
Sound & Music: Aardvark Action Audio


Game's ROM.