A 30-year-old Commodore Amiga Disk. by Electric Dreams Soft.

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R*Type © 1988 Electric Dreams Software.


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Released Coin-Op video game: "R*Type" (1987)


- Leave your finger on the fire button at all times.
- When your picking up the power chips for the drone, keep the reflecting lasers.
- When you have the drone, use it the way it was designed for, ramming and absorbing bullets.
- Level 1: Stay back, be patient and pick up upgrades for your drone. Its best to have the reflecting lasers. Watch for the creatures that try and sneak up behind you and the big robots. The red monster can be dealt with by shoving your drone up its stomach and keep firing. In fighting the rotating guns, get in, blow the blue gun and get out as fast as possible or try to go up as you approach, shoot at the blue gun emplacement. Hit it and it will start a chain reaction.
- Level 2: Use reflected lasers to handle the tadpoles. Go reverse clockwise around the first worm and hide at the bottom left corner of the mother. Then jump to a position just above the eye and shoot away. Move up to avoid the third worm.
- Levels 3: Go low, hugging the dirt and be patient and lay back. Go forward at the last minute to the next gap and then immediately move forward again. Bring the drone to the back of your ship.

Enter SUMITA as a name at the high score screen.

Load the game, then press [Help], type me, and press [Cursor Up] at the prompt to insert disk two. Insert disk two and press [Space] to continue loading. Then, press one of the following keys during game play to activate the corresponding cheat function.
[F5] Immune to collisions
[F6] Immune to enemy fire
[F7] Unlimited credits
[F8] Orb controlled by Joystick in mouse port

Game's screenshot.