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Rolling Thunder 3 [Model T-14096]

Sega Genesis cart. published 31 years ago by NAMCO Hometek, Ltd.

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Rolling Thunder 3 [Model T-14096] screenshot

Rolling Thunder 3 © 1993 NAMCO.

The game's plot is set around the same time period as its predecessor Rolling Thunder 2. With WCPO agents Albatross and Leila assigned to tracking down Gimdo criminal organization, a new Rolling Thunder agent codenamed Jay is assigned to track down Geldra's second-in-command, Dread (a green skinned humanoid resembling Maboo from the first game). Jay is assisted via radio by a contact named Ellen, who provides him with mission objectives. The story is presented in a more cinematic fashion than the previous games, featuring animated cutscenes between stages and on-screen text dialogue between the characters. There are only a couple of spoken dialogs in the game, all of which are synthesized voices.


Game ID: T-14096


Rolling Thunder 3 was released on May 19, 1993 in North America. It was never released in Japan and it is a Genesis exclusive. The game was made specifically for home consoles, which allowed the developers to implement more extensive gameplay features that otherwise would not had been possible in a regular arcade release.

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