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RollerCoaster Tycoon

Pinball published 22 years ago by Stern Pinball, Inc.

Listed in MAME

RollerCoaster Tycoon © 2002 Stern Pinball, Incorporated.

Based on the best-selling PC game by Infogrames.


Stern Whitestar

Main CPU : Motorola M6809 (@ 2 MHz)
Sound CPU : Motorola M6809 (@ 2 MHz)
Display CPU : Motorola M6809 (@ 4 MHz)
Sound Chip : BSMT2000 (@ 24 MHz)


RollerCoaster Tycoon was released in August 2002. Produced by Pat Lawlor Design for Stern Pinball.


Software Release : 1.00
Date : August 1, 2002
- Initial Release to Production

CPU Release : 1.01 (changes from CPU v1.00)
Date : August 2, 2002
- Added QUICK JACKPOT to kiosk random award.
- Made LIGHT SPECIAL from kiosk follow special percentaging adjustment.
- Added new choreography to handyman front hits.
- Multiball fixed to handle suprious lock arrivals in the 'Ball 2 Locked' state.
- Lamp improvements to dancing digits.
- Slight improvments to super jackpot effects.
- Some mini-led messages translated to french and german.

CPU Release : 2.02
Date : August 6, 2002
- Improved kicking from rocket to handle balls that don't make it out of the kicker.
- Improved driver for dummy and flashers during dunk modes
- Fixed ball search to not stop when a pop or sling fires
- Fixed Quick Multiball from Kiosk when a ball was locked
- Fixed multiball start when a ball lands in the shooter
- Improved "Replay at X,000,000" display in score sweep
- Set 'Special %' adjustment to default to 2%
- Added translations for Mini-LED for german and french
- Improved "Balls Missing" effect and subsquent searching
- Added speech for Quick Multiball and R&D completed
- Added some speech to bonus count for big bonuses
- Tilt handling greatly improved when cleaning up multiball and modes
- Changed starting value for guest extra ball award
- Fixed bug in tycoon were drop reset coils were fired too much during the reset phase
- Fixed tycoon reset when a lock was ready before the mode began.
- Some lamp and display choreography improvements.

CPU Release : 3.02
Date : August 20, 2002
- Tournament system introduced

CPU Release : 3.04
Date : August 21, 2002
- Fixed extraball & replay display effects appearing in tournament games.
- Fixed custom message icon.
- New ON time for rocket coil.

CPU Release : 3.05
Date : August 27, 2002
- Fixed tournamnet games from awarding 'match' credits.

DISPLAY Release : 4.00
Date : September 12, 2002
- support tickets/points in attract mode.
- support tickets/points in audits/adjustments.
- Player #'s added to Enter Initial Screens.
- Tournament start button messages added.
- fixed custom message that repeated letters of brief messages.
- new tournament terms added, i.e. Prize Pool, Big Winner.

CPU Release : 4.00
Date : September 12, 2002
- Fixed auditing for Specials
- Fixed a scoring bug on the lock in tilt
- Slight improvements to some speech to be less repetitive.
- Slight improvements to some lamp effects
- Fixed a skipped 3rd lock in the third multiball
- Removed incorrect "multiball ready" call in 3rd multiball on 3rd lock.
- Fixed a bug at the end of Tycoon that could crash the game.
- Tournament start button messages added
- tournament supports cash/tickets/points as awards
- fixed custom message that repeated letters of brief messages
- new tournament terms added, i.e. Prize Pool, Big Winner
- Player #'s added to Enter Initial Screens
- printer support for serial interface board
- new software support for latched UK solenoid driver board
- Door must be open to review Pin #'s
- fixed bug where multiple player game says 'player 2, enter initials' for all players

DISPLAY Release : 5.00
Date : October 08, 2002
- pre-ticket code.

CPU Release : 5.00
Date : October 08, 2002
- Fixed auditing for Current Tournament Earnings.
- pre-ticket code.

CPU Release : 5.01
Date : October 17, 2002
- Improved driver for left diverter to maximize longevity.
- Fixed a problem where stacked locks in multiball wave 2 and beyond would prevent a player from starting multiball.
- Fixed adjustment #61 to allow setting to hard and extra hard.
- Added compensation for a broken handyman opto.
- Added compensation for a broken ghost target switch.
- Added a ball saver for balls that fall off the rocket ramp and out the right drain.
- Fixed the start of Park Tycoon to keep going if the ball accidentally drains during the introduction.
- Fixed a display glitch at the start of Park Tycoon.

CPU Release : 5.02
Date : October 18, 2002
- Fixed driver for rocket kicker if a ball rearrives too quickly after being kicked.
- Fixed outlanes to show park guests added.

CPU Release : 5.03
Date : October 21, 2002
- fixed bug where upper right flipper switch (dedicated) would display incorrect info (unused switch) in switch tests.

CPU Release : 5.04
Dat : October 21, 2002
- changed the duty cycle time on the left diverter from 33% to 100% as the diverter wasn't able to handle impacts from the ball in some games.

DISPLAY Release : 6.00
Date : November 06, 2002
- Dynamic Replay adjustment (Chuck E. Cheese only).
- Ticket dispensing supported for crossing a replay threshold.
- Ticket Animation.

CPU Release : 6.00
Date : November 06, 2002
- Dynamic Replay adjustment (Chuck E. Cheese only).
- Ticket dispensing supported for crossing a replay threshold.

DISPLAY Release : 7.00
Date : Jan. 08, 2003
- current/start/stop date(s) adjustment added
- token adjustment added

CPU Release : 7.00
Date : January 08, 2003
- TimeKeeper clock code added to auto start/stop tournaments.
- replays can now award a token/coin.
- stopped left outlane switch from scoring during game over.
- progressive ads are not displayed during 'points' tournaments.

CPU Release : 7.01
Date : January 14, 2003
- changed post settings for U.K. tournament enabled games.


Designer : Pat Lawlor (PML)
Artwork : John Youssi (J Y)
Software : Louis Koziarz (KOZ)
DMD Animation : Greg Dunlap
Mechanics : John Krutsch (JRK)
Music & Sounds : Chris Granner


Game's ROM.