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Rocket Ranger

IBM PC 5.25+3.5in. disk published 36 years ago by Cinemaware Corp.

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Rocket Ranger © 1988 Cinemaware Corp.

Portage of an Amiga game.

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BARCODE: 0 30915 10103 5


Released in October 1988 in the USA.


Original Concept: Robert Jacob
Design: Kellyn Beeck
Programming: Peter Oliphant
Interpreter / Development System: Michael A. Knox, Peter Oliphant, John Reego
Graphics / Artwork: Jeffrey Hilbers, Rob Landeros, Steve Quinn, Elizabeth Scafati, Curt Toumanian, Russell Truelove
Art Director: Curt Toumanian
Producer: Phyllis Jacob, Robert Jacob, Larry Weissenborn, John Cutter
Cinematography by: Peter Kaminski, Tom McWilliams
Original Score Composed by: Bob Lindstrom


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