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Rocket III [Model 800]

Pinball published 57 years ago by Bally Mfg. Co.

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Rocket III © 1967 Bally.


Model number : 800


Released in April 1967.

2,603 units were produced.


Early Production games differ from the rest of the production run because they have no Special on reaching letter E of ROCKET on the playfield, thus no Special light on the left outlane, and no left outlane kickback. Also, they feature a bottom arch with different graphics, different colors on the playfield and the cabinet (while the plastics are the same), and a different playfield glass, being the familiar sliding glass, while later in production the glass was changed to lift upwards from the front in a metal frame.


1. Rocket [Model 2] (1933)
2. New Improved Rocket [Model 2] (1934)
3. Rocket of 1938 [Model 222] (1938)
4. Rocket III (1967)


Design by : Ted Zale
Art by : Christian Marche