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Roberta Williams' Phantasmagoria [Model S277410~70]

PC/MS-Windows CD published 29 years ago by Sierra On-Line, Inc.

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Roberta Williams' Phantasmagoria © 1995 Sierra On-Line, Inc.

An interactive movie point-and-click adventure game which features live-action actors and footage, both during cinematic scenes between the gameplay and within the three-dimensional rendered environments of the game itself.

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CD#1 ID: S277410
CD#2 ID: S277420
CD#3 ID: S277430
CD#4 ID: S277440
CD#5 ID: S277450
CD#6 ID: S277460
CD#7 ID: S277470


Released on August 24, 1995 in the USA.

Williams had long planned to design a horror game, but waited eight years for software technology to improve before doing so. Based on Williams' 550-page script, about four times the length of an average Hollywood screenplay, more than 200 people were involved in the making of Phantasmagoria, which took more than two years to develop and four months to film. Though originally budgeted for US$800,000, the game ultimately cost $4.5 million to develop, and it was filmed in a $1.5 million studio Sierra built specifically for the game.

The original title for the game was going to be Scary Tales but the name was changed to its current title during production. There is a directory for temporary files that the game installs called SCARY in honor of the early title.

The game featured a cast of 25 actors, with all filming taking place in front of a blue screen. A professional Hollywood special effects house worked on the game, and the musical score included a neo-Gregorian chant performed by a 135-voice choir. Sierra strongly promoted the game, but stressed it was intended for adult audiences. The company willingly submitted it to a ratings system, and included a password-protected censoring option within the game to tone down the graphic content.

The game was finished by the latter part of 1994, and was ready for release, however Sierra chose to call back some of the cast and crew members for two additional sessions of filming. Filming initially took an additional month and, three months later, was resumed for another couple of weeks.

The office of Bob Thompkins, Adrianne's sleazy real estate agent, is decorated with posters of girls from another Sierra adventure game, Leisure Suit Larry 6.

Export releases:
[FR] "Roberta Williams' Phantasmagoria [Model S4190120Z12Z1~7]"
[UK] "Roberta Williams' Phantasmagoria [Model S4190220Z12Z1~7]"
[DE] "Roberta Williams' Phantasmagoria [Model S4190520Z12Z1~7]"


Lead Design: Roberta Williams
Writing / Dialogue / Story: Andy Hoyos, Roberta Williams
Director: Peter Maris
Producer: J. Mark Hood, Stanley Liu, Mark Seibert, Roberta Williams
Art Director: Albert Co, Andy Hoyos
Game Directors: J. Mark Hood, Andy Hoyos, Mark Seibert, Roberta Williams
Lead Programming: Doug Oldfield
Music: Mark Seibert, Jay D. Usher
Movie Sequences Scored By: Mark Seibert
Conductor: Gary Unruh (Dr.)
Musician: Mike Berkowitz, Paul Thaxter
Lead Vocal: Jacqueline Goodwin
Sound Recording: Jeff Hall
Additional Music: Victor Crews, Neal Grandstaff, Brian Min, Jon Usher
Quality Assurance Lead: Robin Bradley
Lighting and Camera: Randy Littlejohn
Assistant Lighting and Camera: Robert Ballew, Craig Denny
Ultimatte and Video Engineer: Robert Koeppel
Stage Manager: Robert Ballew
Property Master: Craig Denny
Best Boy: Chris S. Williams
Cinematographer: Gerold Wolfe
Video Editing: Peter Maris
Video Production Supervisor, Video Post Production and Visual Effects Supervisor, Video Compositing and Effects, Additional Video Editing: Bill Crow
Assitant Video Editors: Robert Koeppel, Ron Lawson
Digital Compositing and Effects: Robert Koeppel
Additional Digital Art and Effects: Linda Lubken
3‑D Environment Designer: Andy Hoyos
3‑D Environment Modelers: Brian Judy, Brandee Prugh, Kim White, Kronos
2‑D Adaptations: Dana Moody
2‑D Art Coordinator: Ken Prugh
SGI Animations, Renderings and Effects: Brian Judy, Brandee Prugh, Kim White, Kronos
Entity Modeling and Animation: Albert Co
3D Motion Control Composites: Francis Co
Animation: Albert Co, Mohammed Davoudian, Francis Co, Dallas Good, Lisa Kim, Andy Koo, Stanley Liu, Darrek Rosen
Support: James T. Tomasko
Art and Video Post Production: Darvin Atkeson, Robin Phanco, William Davis, Maria Fruehe, Desie Hartman, Tony Hernandez, Travis Leonard, Dana Moody, Frances Anne Powell, Richard Powell, Ken Prugh, Daryle Smith, Barry T. Smith, Paul Trowe, Donald Waller
Animation Editing: Robin Phanco, Travis Leonard, Ken Prugh, Daryle Smith
Programming: David Artis, Vana Baker, Adam Bentley, Chris Carr, Juan Carlos Escobar, Doug Oldfield, Bryan Waters
Additional Programming: Steve Conrad, Michael Lytton, J. Mark Hood, Sean Mooney, Kerry Sergent
Systems Programmers: Mathieu Marciacq, Ed Critchlow, Dan Foy, Ken Koch, Jay Lee, Terry McHenry, Larry B. Scott, Christopher Tudor-Smith, Greg Tomko-Pavia, Mark Wilden
Installation / Utilities Programmers: Nancy Hamilton, Chris Hunt, Dave Moore
QA Configuration Testing: Roger Clendenning, John Cunney, Michael D. Jones, William Davis, Lynne S. Dayton, Steve Deckert, Scott Howell, Jillian Leonard, Marsha McCarty, Mike Pickhinke, John Ratcliffe, Cindy Romero, Matthew Ross, Leonard Salas, Sharon Simmons, John Trauger, Paul Trowe, Douglas Wheeler
Additional QA: Robin Bradley, Michael Brosius, Joe Carper, Michael Leo Chong, Scott Coventon, Mark MacKay, Scott Multer, Daniel Peters, Danny A. Woolard, Jon Meek, Leonard Salas, Susan Frischer
Off Site QA: Andrew Binder, Scott Gilbert, Daniel Hinds, David Steele, Gary Stevens, John Wolf, PCTest Incorporated
Beta Test & Coordination: Gary Brown, Beth Quintana, Paul Trowe
Audio/Foley/SFX: Victor Crews, Brian Min, Mark Seibert, Kelli Spurgeon, Richard Spurgeon
Latin Translations: Bruce Thornton
Additional Audio: William Davis, Maria Fruehe, Desie Hartman, Tim Loucks, Daryle Smith, Jay D. Usher
Documentation: Julie Collinge, Susan Frischer, Lori Lucia, Aimee Macdonald
Make up Artist: Cindy Jordan
Costuming: Roberta Williams
Movie Sequence Post Production: Darvin Atkeson
Casting Directors: Peter Maris, Mark Seibert
Special Thanks To: Craig Alexander, Jerry Bowerman, Chris Braymen, Steve Conrad, Robin Kleeman, Sunny Maris, Neil Matz, Sean Mooney, Cyndi Wharton, Fresno Flats Historical Society, Micrografx Picture Publisher
Cast: Christine Armond (Hortencia), Steven Bailey (Cyrus), Greg Belemjian (voice of Hintkeeper), Taylor Bernard (Marie), Holley Chant (Victoria), Lilyan Chauvin (Ethel), David Homb (Don Gordon), Hoke Howell (Harv), V. Joy Lee (Harriet), Robert Miano (Zoltan "Carno" Carnovasch), Dana Moody (Leonora), Victoria Morsell (Adrienne Delaney), Devon Myers (Young Malcolm), Karl Neimiec (Mike), Douglas Seale (Malcolm), Wanda Smith (Regina), Stella Stevens (Lou Ann)
Opening and Closing Themes: Consumite Furore
Choir on Movies: The Esoterics
Video Production, Video Post Production: Sierra Studios
Audio DNR: Maximus Studios
Movie Special Effects: The Character Shop
Animals handled by: World Wide Movie Animals
Motion Control: McCloud Productions
Movie Audio: MacDonald Recording
Casting Agencies: Rothfield, Ryan and Roth, Bressler and Associates


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