Robby Roto [Model 576]

A 37-year-old Arcade Video Game PCB by Bally Midway Mfg.

Not emulated in MAME


Robby Roto © 1981 Bally Midway Mfg. Co.


Robby Roto [Model 576] the Arcade Video Game PCB
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[Game No. 576]
[Cocktail model]

Dimensions: 29 in. High x 32 in. Wide x 22 in. Deep


When the 2-player mode is selected on the Upright or Mini-Myte model, the players take turns at the controls to guide ROTO to the stolen treasures and the captured hostages while avoiding VOLTAR and his co-conspirators. On this Cocktail Table model, the rules of play are the same. The only dillerence is that in the 2-player mode, the picture flips to face you when it's your turn.

For more information about the game itself, please see the Upright model entry.

Game's manual.