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RoadBlasters [Model PA2036]

Atari Lynx cart. published 34 years ago by Atari Corp.

Listed in MAME

RoadBlasters © 1990 Atari Corp.

Everyone knew the war was coming. Tensions had been building for months - not between the Superpowers as had always been thought, but between rival factions in our own government. What no one expected was the severity of the damage.

Nuclear weapons devastated the surface of the planet, released by ruthless Death Squads intent on controlling the planet. Millions perished in a sudden flash of heat more intense than a Sahara summer.

When it was all over, only a handful of decent people remained. A few good people, and thousands of Death Squad members. It was obvious that the Death Squads had planned this for years. They were ready. They had developed cities and weapons impervious to nuclear war. And vehicles. They had cars that could withstand the highest levels of radiation and the most dangerous heat. They also had huge stockpiles of food and medicine that would keep them alive until the nuclear winder ends.

Fortunately, a right-thinking scientist saw what was happening. He defected from the Death Squads and brought with him a small prototype vehicle and a few weapons capable of destroying Death Squad cars and cannon towers. Only one person can fit in the prototype, and you were chosen.

Now, just for the amusement of Death Squad leaders, there is to be a road rally, a dangerous race for time and distance along a highway laced with deadly mines and cannon towers. Posing as a Death Squad driver you join the rally, hoping to drive undetected into the very heart of the Death Squad territory where you will defeat their leaders. your only helper is a small, robot-powered jet that will bring you additional weapons from Headquarters. The odds are definitely against you.

The nuclear wind blows dust across the highway. Now and then the burnt skeleton of a tumbleweed blows across the once-fertile plain. The world is desolate. All hope for a decent future rests on your narrow shoulders.


Model PA2036

Green Cars 50
Orange Cars 50
Motorcycles 50
Rat Jeeps 50
Blue Cars 100
Cannons 200

* Speed is vital. You will not have enough fuel to finish the race if you do not make it to the rally points quickly.
Don't waste your auxiliary weapons. If you can shoot your laser, do it (that helps your multiplier anyway).
Don't catch a new auxiliary weapon if you like the one you have.
You can only carry one at a time.
Straddling the dotted line sometimes helps you avoid mines. Of course, that's not easy to do going around a curve at top speed. This does not always work, however; some mines are placed right on the lines.
You can earn lots of points by destroying cannons. However, it is not always worth your while to do so.

* Level Select: Start game normally and choose the Rookie track. Accelerate car, while holding Left to about 25 - 50 mph and steer the car so that it is riding on the left shoulder of the road. Keep holding down Left until you hit a tree which is growing on the side of the road. On the screen it will appear a digitized picture of one of the programmers and a short message: here you can use OPTION 1 and OPTION 2 to change the number on the top right corner and then resume normal playing by pressing A. After finishing level 1, you will warp to the level next to the one you chose (e.g. if you selected 9, next level will be 10 as if level had become level 9).


Programmer: D. Scott Williamson


Game's ROM.