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Road Rash [Model SLUS-00035]

Sony PlayStation CD published 29 years ago by Electronic Arts

Listed in MAME

Road Rash © 1995 Electronic Arts.

Road Rash has a classy pedigree on lesser platforms, and it's now been completely reworked to take full advantage of the power of PlayStation.

Fight your way through the levels against other bikers, finish high and use the prize money to customise your motorbike. Sound simple? Add the hazards of oncoming traffic, suicidal pedestrians, street furniture, other road users, crossroads - and it becomes quite a handful.

In-game music is supplied by top bands, and with the impressive artist-rendered, stylised graphics and blue screen photography of real motobikes, riders and the appeal of a high-energy rock video. The best version yet, on any format, so what are you waiting for?


Game ID: SLUS-00035


Released on December 29, 1995 in the USA.

Export releases:
[EU] "Road Rash [Model SLES-00158]"
[JP] "Road Rash [Model SLPS-00243]"

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Programming: David Stokes, Joe Burfoot, Tim Learmont, Emmanuel Maa Berriet
Director of Development: Keith McCurdy
Project Manager: Stephen Barry
Graphics: Neil Strudwick, Margaret Foley
Audio Programming: David R. Sullivan
Tools Programming: Walter Alden Tackett
Executive Producer: Randall Breen
Associate Producer: Orlando Guzman
Assistant Producer: Mike Lopez
Product Manager: Clive Downie
Documentation: Bill Scheppler
European Documentation: Matthew Miles Griffiths
Documentation Layout: Anita K. Legg, Fiona Curren
Product Testing: Richard Andrakin, David Costa, Alex DiRicco, Randy Eckhardt, Ben Lopez
Quality Assurance: Jeff Juco, Jesse Abney

Motorcycle Rider: Denise Hobza Jr
Motorcycle Cop: Randall Breen
Flag Girls: Noreen Dante, Lisa Higgins
Business People: Lucy Bradshaw, Margaret Foley, Jeff Lee, Mark Douglas, Cyndi Hill, David Stokes
Tourist: Andrea Smith
Pedestrian: Emily Favors
Joggers: Randy Dillon, Audrey Gustafson
Skateboarders: David Luoto, Nathan Walrath
Bikers: Noreen Dante, Randy Dillon, Mark Douglas, Lisa Higgins, David Luoto, Andrea Smith, Jeff Smith
Boogie Boarders: Dan Hewitt
Beach Dwellers: Dan Hewitt, Kara Mabry
Divers: Kara Mabry, David Stokes
Tennies Player: Jeff Lee
Hitchhikers: Margaret Foley, Randy Dillon
Caltrans: Mark Douglas, Dan Hewitt, Lisa Higgins, David Luoto, Jeff Lee, Andrea Smith

Director: Rod Gross
Line Producer: Larry Lauter
Director of Photography: Robin Mortarotti
Video Engineer: Jim Rolin
Key Grip: Mark Otewalt
Production Assistants: Joe Cravelli, Stefanie Wasserman
Wardrobe/Props: Brenda Giguere
Camera Car: Jeff Bane
Offline Editing: Alan Babbitt, Rod Gross, Rod Swanson
Online Assembly: Jim Spadoni

Design of Effects & Logo Treatment: Rod Swanson, Good Pictures
Special Effects & Additional Online Editing: Randall Breen, Rod Gross, Western Images
Colour Correction: Jeff Smith, Western Images
Sound Effects: Murray Allen, Music Annex
Music & Audio Processing: Tony Berkeley, Marc Farley
Video Processing & Compression: Media Lab, Video Technology

Squad Car Driver: Ron Boyer
Motorcycle Cop: Cato Samuels
Cop: Melissa Rogers
Stunts: Sean P. Donohue
Motorcycle Riders: Joel Bloom, Randall Breen, Joe Carrillo, Jeff Smith
Race Conclusions Winners, Losers: Joel Bloom, Randall Breen, Joe Carrillo, Randy Dillon, Stacey Hayes, Audrey Gustafson, Jeff Smith, Jeff Stokol
Trophy Presenters: Stacey Hayes, Lisa Higgins, Bill Lee, Nathan Walrath
Delinquent Kid: Anthony Marshall
Bottle Bully: Scott J. Gilliland
Park and Run Driver: Stephen Murray
Dog Trainer: Bow Wow Productions

Hammerbox: Trip, Simple Passing
Monster Magnet: Dinosaur Vacume
Paw: The Bridge, Pansy, Jessie
Soundgarden: Rusty Cage, Outshined, Kickstand, Superunknown
Swervedriver: Last Train to Satanville
Therapy?: Teethgrinder, Auto Sugery


Game's CD.