Road Blaster

Arcade Video game published 36 years ago by Data East

Road Blaster screenshot

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Road Blaster © 1985 Data East Corp.

Your mission is to seek out a gang of bikers who attacked and killed your wife. You are behind the wheel of a supped-up sports car, weaving in and out of traffic and other obstacles while in pursuit of the bikers.


This game uses a laser disc.

Film Produced by Toei Animation Co., Ltd.


Road Blaster was released in August 1985.

The player's car makes a cameo in "Double Dragon" as soon as the garage door opens in the beginning of the game.


Game Staff
Producer & Director : Yoshihisa Kishimoto (Yoshi Kishimoto)
Programmers : Shintaro Kuma
Sound Programmers : Hironobu Mohre, Masa Yoshihara
Engineers : Takatoshi Kato, Junichi Nabe

Picture Staff
Producer : Shuichi Sato, Tadao Okubo
Co-Producer : Kenkichi Matsushita
Director : Hideki Takayama
Chief key Animato r: Yoshinobu Inano
Background Design : Yoshiyuki Yamamoto
Animators : Baik Nam Yeul, Shinichi Imaguma, Shigeo Matoba, Kim Dae Jung, Kaoru Shinbo
Xerox & Paint : Yoshihiro Maeda, Yoshiaki Okada
Camera : Toshiharu Takei
Editor : Shinichi Fukumitsu
Music Director : Michael K. Nakamura
Sound Effects Editor : Kenichi Mori


Sega Mega-CD [JP] (dec.18, 1992) "Road Blaster FX [Model T-32124]"
Sega Mega-CD [EU] (1993) "Road Avenger [Model 4603-50]"
[US] Sega CD (1993) "Road Avenger [Model T-6207]"
[JP] Sega Saturn (oct.20, 1995) "Interactive Movie Action - Thunder Storm & Road Blaster [Model SLPS-00094~5]"
[JP] Sony PlayStation (oct.20, 1995) "Interactive Movie Action - Thunder Storm LX-3 & Road Blaster [Model T-20701G]"

[JP] MSX (1986) by Nippon Victor)
PC [MS Windows, CD-ROM] [JP] (may.4, 2009)
[JP] Sharp X68000 (may.4, 2009)

Pioneer LaserActive [US] (1995) "Road Prosecutor [Model PEASU1033]"
Pioneer LaserActive [JP] (jan.25, 1995) "Road Blaster [Model PEASJ1033]"
Apple iPhone/iPod [US] (jan.15, 2011) "Road Blaster [Model 338399795]"
Apple iPhone/iPod [US] (mar.16, 2011) "Road Blaster HD [Model 418262266]"


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