River Raid [Model FZ-002]

Atari 5200 cart. published 41 years ago by Activision, Inc.

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River Raid [Model FZ-002] screenshot

River Raid © 1983 Activision.

YOUR MISSION IS... to score as many points as possible by destroying enemy battleships, helicopters, fuel depots, jets, land tanks, hot air balloons, and bridges before your jet crashes or runs out of fuel.


Model FZ-002


Backs in the 80s, if you reached a score of 40,000 points or more, you were eligible for the official rank of River Raider. By sending to Activision a picture of your TV screen showing your score along with your name and address, you could receive an official River Raider emblem.

Battleship 30
Helicopter 60
Balloon 60
Fuel Depot 80
Enemy Jet 100
Helicopter Gunner 150
Bridge 500
Bridge with Tank 750

Tips from Carol Shaw. Carol is a first class game designer and a computer science scholar. She's also a serious bicyclist, and can often be found cycling through the wilds of her native California coast.

"The River of No Return holds many special challenges and dangers for would-be River Raiders. You'll not only have to know your assault jet, but you'll need to have a good idea of your basic flight plan before you start."

"By knowing the river, pinpointing the areas with the highest concentration of enemy, AND the most fuel depots, you'll have a much better chance of surviving. Since the river is in sections, try jotting down notes for each important section as flight aids."

"Fuel is also a critical factor. When you're far up the river, fuel is scarce. Hence, flying to the next fuel depot should be your top priority."

"When you become really skilled, you'll find that you can actually blow up the fuel depot right in the middle of refueling. That way, you can gain the points and some fuel at the same time."

"Remember that a bridge with a tank on it is worth the most points. Practice timing your bridge approaches so you can fire while a tank is crossing."

"If you make it back to Allied territory and need some R and R, kick back and drop me a note. I'm always up for a high-flying tale."


Programmer: Carol Shaw


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