RISK - The Game of Global Domination [Model SLES-00707]

A 21-year-old Sony PlayStation Game by Hasbro Interactive, Inc.

Not emulated in MAME


RISK - The Game of Global Domination © 1997 Hasbro Interactive, Inc.


Game ID: SLES-00707


Released on December 12, 1997 in the USA.

Export releases:
[EU] "Risk - The World Conquest Game [Model SLES-00707]"


Runecraft Development Team
Programmers: Ian Richards, Dave Lago
Artwork: Andy Noble, David H. Tolley
QA: Mark Hooley
Studio Manager: Richard Green
Original Development by NMS

Hasbro Interactive
Producer: Darren Barnett
Assisting Producers: Rik Alexander, Louise McTighe, Roger Cheung
Localization: Sam Baker, Steve Webster
Packaging: Sam Baker, Steve Webster
US Producer: Jim Getz
Lead Tester: Rik Alexander, Darryl Shaw
QA Manager: Roger Carpenter, Michael Craighead
Additional Testing: Stuart Thody, Neall Campbell, Christine Fisher, Yaw Diabah, Thomas Allen
HI Management Team: Thomas Dusenberry, Barry Jafrato, Kevin Buckner, Clive Robert, Tony Parks, Kevin Gillespie
Worldwide Marketing: Gary Carlin, Mary Miller, Debbie Shlens, Torsten Oppermann, Jean-Michel Coletti, Olivier Salomon, Liz Morgan, Thomas Jaepel