Rise of the Robots

Unreleased Arcade Video game published 27 years ago by Bell-Fruit Mfg.

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Rise of the Robots screenshot

Rise of the Robots © 1995 Bell-Fruit Mfg. Company, Limited.

A 1-on-1 fighter in an upright cab.



Rise of the Robots is the main attempt by UK slot machine manufacturer Bell-Fruit to create an arcade machine using a PC architecture. The game sealed the systems fate, but not before Gremlin Graphics attempted to port their consumer success 'Zool' to the platform, all games failed in the arcades.

This game was ported from the original PC-DOS version developed by Mirage Technologies.


Produced By: Peter Jones, Gary Leach, Andy Wood
Based on a game idea: Shon Griffiths
Gameplay Design: Gary Leach, Thomas Wardle
Character Design: Sean Naden
Set Design: Kwan Lee
Select Screen: Gary Leach, Andy Clark, Matt Smith
Cinematics: Kwan Lee, Sean Naden
Lead Senior Programmer: Gary Leach
Original Code By: Andy Clark
Musical Director: Andy Wood
Music: Brian May
Engineered by: Justin Shirley-Smith
Sound FX: Richard Joseph, Rene Beumer, Paul Argyle, Tom Grimshaw
Sound and Vision Remix: Tom Grimshaw, Andy Wood
Sound & Vision Engineering: Tom Grimshaw


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