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Rings of Power [Model 7024]

Sega Genesis cart. published 32 years ago by Electronic Arts

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Rings of Power [Model 7024] screenshot

Rings of Power © 1992 Electronic Arts.

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GAME ID: 7024
COVER ID: 702401


A Fantasy Adventure by Naughty Dog Inc.
Published by Electronic Arts.

Produced by: Christopher Erhardt
Naughty Dog Team: Jason Rubin, Andy Gavin, Vijay Pande, Alexander Hinds
Game Design: Andy Gavin, Jason Rubin, Vijay Pande
Programming -What you feel-: Andy Gavin (System-Sega-Plot), Vijay Pande (System-Plot)
Art -What you see-: Jason Rubin
Music -What you hear-: Alexander Hinds
Legal Crew: Donald Gavin, Stephen Rubin
Naugthy Dog Bark: Casey Williams

Associate Producer: Chris Wilson
Assistant Producer: Michael Meischeid (Mike Meischeid)
Tech Directors: Jesse Taylor, Carl Mey
Text Editing: Marti McKenna
Manual: Marti McKenna
Plot Help: Michael Meischeid, Michael Wallis (Mike Wallis), Chip Lange, Marti McKenna
Extra Music & Sound: Jon Medek
QA Testing: Kevin Hogan
Additional Thanks: Roland Kippenhan III, James R. Bailey (James Bayley), David Albert (Dave Albert), Steven E. Hayes (Steve Hayes), Kevin McGrath
Australian Team: Chris Wilson

Thanks to those who believed in this project during two and half long years of development.
Andy would like to thank the following for their help and support: Auren Weinberg, Owen Rescher, Greg Cooper, Brant Haas, Ed Bartlett, Eric Wunderlich
Jason thanks: Morgan, Caren, Aimee, T. Mike, Paul, Greg, Marty, Levin, FIJI Michigan
Vijay Thanks: Ann, Brian, Ron, Michael, Claudio, TY, Mel, Dan, Geoff, Mike
Special Thanks: Zeke, Jesse, Juggling, DC 101 FM Washington


Game's ROM.