Ridge Racer [Model SLPS-00001]

Sony PlayStation CD published 30 years ago by NAMCO, Ltd.

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Ridge Racer © 1994 Namco, Limited.

Ridge Racer is a direct port of the arcade game that features a variety of cars and high-speed racing through beautiful scenery and long tracks. Once you finish the normal courses, more challenging stages will open up. This game launched with the PlayStation and showed that the system was more than capable of producing great 3-D graphics with fast frame rates.


Game ID: SLPS-00001


Ridge Racer for the Sony PlayStation was released on December 03, 1994 in Japan.

Export releases:
[US] "Ridge Racer [Model SLUS-94300]"
[EU] "Ridge Racer [Model SCES-00001]"

[JP] "Ridge Racer [Model SLPS-91001]" (1996)

You can play the arcade classic "Galaxian" while the main game loads.

The entire game code is about 4 MB (music not included). It's possible to play the game without the music. When the game has been loaded, remove the disc from the PlayStation and play the entire game without the disc.