Reef Explorer

A 24-year-old Arcade Video Game by GreyStone Technology

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Reef Explorer © 1994 GreyStone Technology.

A sand shark sullenly patrols his silent territory, ripples of wet sunlight dancing on his back. Shimmering schools of ghostly neons respectfully shift aside. Flapping lazily, a giant sea turtle cruises over the rumpled sandy floor. Brilliant beams of sunlight fight their way in sparkles and flashes through the dappled ceiling, softly coloring the bright coral canyons.

This is the world of Reef. Here, visitors in mini-subs explore the shadows of ancient undersea ruins alongside curious dolphins. Deep crevasses and sunken treasure quietly await discovery. Secret undersea caverns guard wondrous mysteries, yearning to be shared. Come join us. The water's fine. In 2042 the Reef Environment Exploration Foundation, or Reef for short, was founded by the International Oceanic Commission. Reef promotes popular support for the preservation of marine environments, and the preservation of endangered species. In accomplishing this mission, Reef has set aside a number of undersea parks for non-invasive exploration and recreation. These parks are open to the general public, and Reef minisubs with automated safety features are available for rent. Visitors often play a variety of aquatic game with each other, like Tag and Fox & Hounds, but many prefer to simply cruise among the dazzling schools of tropical fish and explore the wonders of the Reef.


Reef Explorer the Arcade Video Game
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Mercury hardware

Type of Interface: Imersive -HMD-
Physical posture: Motorcycle position
Motion of the platform: Yes.
Controls: Dual differential twist grip controls for the rider, complete with fire switch, speed toggle control and auxiliary button.
Rider emergency kill switch.
Remote operator control panel which controls all 6 vehicles.
Computer platform: SGI Onyx RE2 with 4 processors, 4 RMs and the MO serves to drive 6 Mercury Systems simultaneously.
Type of display: An imersive, full color VGA display with 640x480 resolution. Include a flexible face shield which positions and support the rider's face and obscures peripheral distractions.
Tracking: None
Size of the Unit: 2,75' x 9,3' H: 4,3'
Unit Description: The Mercury vehicle is a full-motion virtual reality entertainment platform that serves as a vehicle for a wide variety of entertainment applications. Mercury's sleek, futuristic styling and ergonomic form immediately capture and hold your attention. The purpose of Mercury is made abundantly clear by its incredible "look". Even sitting still, the vehicle appears to be speeding. If a racing motorcycle could fly, it would look like the Mercury. The difference is, Mercury can fly, hover, skim, swim, travel through any environment imaginable. The experiences it offers are boundless. Mercury completely focuses the rider's attention on the world presented in the viewer. Nothing else exists. The quality and smoothness of the images are so far beyond comparison with arcade-style games that the level of reality hardly seems virtual. There is sound - rich, vibrant sound that fills your ears with the rush of water, the scream of the engine, the concussion of explosions. Monster woofers under your chest pound you with shock waves, and the pitch, roll and heave of the craft cues the sense of balance in a way that convinces your sub-conscious that what you are seeing is truly real. Take a ride on the Mercury, and believe...

Graphical Information:
- Texture mapping capability: SGI RE2

- Type of sound: full fidelity, sampler-based sound system which employs two full-range speakers configured for near-field monitoring and a unique low frequency system which supplies vibration cues via sound wave conduction. Incl. a rider intercom that aids in team play and strategists.

Network Information:
Max. Number of units networked locally: 12
Max. Number of units networked remotely: None

Other Technical Description:
- Multiple camera views follow the action for large screen display

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