Red Hot 6

The Fruit Machine by JPM International

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[COIN-OP] Fruit Machine

Red Hot 6 © 2002 JPM.

Red Hot 6 is a 6-reel based game with separate top and bottom game reels. The player starts by playing the single win-line bottom game with game-to-game holds and nudges. Once the player gets a win it is transferred into the winnings bank. The player can either choose to collect the win, collect part of the in or gamble it in the five win-line top game.

If the Wild symbol appears in either the top or bottom game, and there are two of the same fruit also on the win-line then that win is doubled. If there are two wild symbols on the win line then the fruit win is quadrupled. Additionally there is a Win Series feature which can be won on the bottom game. It will add a series of reel wins into the winnings bank.


Red Hot 6 the  Fruit Machine
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Red Hot 6 was released in July 2002 in the UK.

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