Red Alarm - Virtual 3D Shooting Game [Model VUE-VREJ-JPN]

A 23-year-old Nintendo Virtual Boy Game by T&E Soft.

Red Alarm - Virtual 3D Shooting Game [Model VUE-VREJ-JPN] screenshot

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??????? Virtual 3D Shooting Game © 1995 T&E Soft

(Red Alarm - Virtual 3D Shooting Game)

Bursting through incredible dimensions of Virtual space the final mission is clear. Obliterate all enemies and obstacles created by KAOS and terminate this menacing battle system from within.

Employing an impressive arsenal of high-tech weapons and evasive maneuvers the Tech-Wing Fighter speeds on. Spinning deaths, spy pods and mosquito mechs appear from everywhere! The fate of humanity will soon be defined. Red Alarm! Red Alarm! Alarm Condition Red!!




Red Alarm was released on July 21, 1995 in Japan.

[JP] Famitsu (August 1995): 26/40
[VB Guide 2: 90.5/100
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Debug Menu: On the title screen, press Select 60 times
If performed correctly, an explosion sound effect will play. If the game moves on to its attract sequence without playing the effect, it hasn't worked. If it works, the debug menu can now be summoned with the following input: In-game, press L, R, Select and A simultaneously.
This will cause the debug menu to appear on-screen. The Special option will give the player all ship upgrades and invincibility, while the rest are quite self-explanatory, with the Music menu opening into a rather bare-bones sound test. Exit restarts the current stage.


Game's ROM.