A Arcade Video Game by Enter-Tech

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Reaction © 198? Enter-Tech, Ltd.

Reaction is a video card game of skill!

The cards are displayed on ths screen with the backs of the cards facing the player. Skill is involved in two ways. First, when the DEAL button is pushed, each card FLIPS through the entire deck at a rappid pace.

The player must attempt to stop the movement on the card he desires. The This requires physical reaction skill as well as the ability to play the game smartly. The player continues through the 5 cards in this manner until he has a complete hand. Then, again using his card playing skill and understanding, he may HOLD the cards he wishes to keep, discarding the others, and attempt to improve his hand in the same manner as before.

The player with the best hand of cards is, of course, the winner. The winning hand is displayed and the game is over.


Reaction the Arcade Video Game
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Programmers: Paul Walters

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