Rampage - World Tour [Model DMG-ARPE-USA]

Nintendo Game Boy Color cart. published 24 years ago by Midway Home Ent.

Listed and emulated in MAME.

Rampage - World Tour © 1998 Midway Home Ent.

Yeehah! It's time for more world-smashing mayhem from the most dashing trio since the Three Musketeers, or at least Moe, Larry and Curly.

Like the surprising N64 hit of the same name, Midway's Rampage: World Tour for Game Boy Color stars George, Lizzy and Ralph, three lumbering brutes with a taste for buildings, jumbo-sized bananas and just about anything else they can cram into their monstrous maws. The Pak can be played on the Game Boy Color, Game Boy pocket and original Game Boy.

Don't be deceived by the threesome's ugly mugs and lousy table manners. Oh no. Your run-of-the-mill monster only thinks of overrunning famous tourist destinations like New York, Paris and Tokyo, but not George, Lizzy and Ralph. They prefer to venture off the well-worn path, instead visiting hidden jewels such as Peoria, Liverpool and Edinburgh. Here they can sample the local cuisine and get a taste of the locals -- er, local culture.

Unaccumstomed to such tender manners, the natives never fail to overreact to their gentle visitors. Tanks, police cars and flamethrowers are thrown into the fray. But even in these admittedly hostile encounters with the local militia, George, Lizzy and Ralph distinguish themselves from the commonplace monsters who populate most video games.

A never-ending ability to revive themselves eliminates the need for pesky things like passwords. In fact, infinite continues means that our three heroes don't really need to worry about fighting enemies or availing themselves of power-ups. They need merely jump and punch until all the buildings in a particular city are flattened, at which point they hasten on to their next destination. Indeed, the only way to bring their globetrotting to a close is by turning off your Game Boy. Good thing the system has a long battery life!




Rampage - World Tour for Game Boy Color was released in December 1988 in North America.


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