Rampage [Model PA2022]

Atari Lynx cart. published 33 years ago by Atari Corp.

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Rampage © 1990 Atari Corp.

There has been a terrible accident at the chemical lab! A new employee in the cafeteria accidentally mixed an experimental chemical with the creamed spinach. Luckily nobody at the spinach. Well, almost nobody. Four unfortunate souls snarfed the sticky green goo on a dare. Now horrible things were starting to happen.

It started with Larry, the cashier in the cafeteria and company snitch. He began to grow a tail and his head started looking like a creepy rat. Next thing he knew, he had this strong craving for cheese.

Then Ralph the janitor, who had a night job singing lead for a heavy metal group called The Noxious Fumes, began to grow an awful lot of facial hair. That night he started to howl, although only a few people noticed. Next Lizzie, the head of marketing, turned into a giant firebreathing lizard. Worst of all, Boss George (the chemical factory's top banana) turned into a gorilla.

Things would not have been so bad if they had stayed small. But they started to grow. And grow. They kept growing until they had become huge, ugly, smelly monsters. Boy were they mad! They smashed out of the factory and into the city streets.

They smashed stores, crushed houses, and fought off entire armies sent to protect the city. As they trashed the town, they looked for anything edible. Hamburgers, bread, even hapless citizens couldn't quench the insatiable appetite of these horrible fiends. It was obvious that the monsters had to be destroyed. Or did they? Rumor has it that a Lab Technician has developed the antidote. But there are two problems. First, there is only enough antidote for one monster. Second, the Lab Technician is in hiding until the world caves in and accepts his demands, or until the monsters find him, whichever comes first.

Will the tanks and choppers destroy the monsters or will one survive to find the antidote and become human again? It's hard to tell, the battle is still raging!


Model PA2022

Punching (Cracks) 50 points
Hole in Building 250 points
Window Objects 50-1000 points
Tanks 1000 points
Signs 1000 points
Cars 1000 points
Friends 225 points

* Try to destroy cities as quickly as possible. The longer you stay in the city the more damage you will receive from the army guys.

* Watch for clues between levels. Those clues will help you survive. Some clues tell about the final level. If your monster can survive that long, it will be your only hope.

* Jump when you see dust clouds and approaching building cracks.

* Drinking the right pot on makes you both invisible and impervious to harm. This is especially advantageous when playing a multiplayer game.

* If playing against other players try to destroy the enemy as soon as possible. However, do not ignore tanks and choppers. Also, do not let the other player score too many points while you try to destroy him or you may not be able to catch up.

* If playing as a team, destroy the buildings quickly and protect the other monsters. For example, George could watch for he copters and tanks while Lizzie destroys buildings.

* Level Select: When the character selection screen appears, pause and resume the game. Now, after selecting a character, when the game continues on to the headlines screen hold down OPTION 1 and move the joypad to select the starting level.

* Programmer's Picture: When the character selection screen appears, pause and resume the game (level select trick). Now, at the newspaper, hold down OPTION 1 and press Right until you select 'Day 6'. Press PAUSE twice, then hold down OPTION 1 and select 'Day 15'. Press PAUSE twice, then hold down OPTION 1+OPTION 2 and press B to end the game. In this way, there will be a picture of Peter Wierzbicki, the head programmer behind the score boxes instead of the winning monster. Press Pause to freeze the picture as it appears.


Programmer: Pete Wierzbicki


Game's ROM.