Rampage! [Model AG-049]

A 29-year-old Atari 2600 Cart. by Activision, Inc.

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Rampage! © 1989 Activision.

You and your buddy are ready for a little mass destruction. You'll demolish buildings, grab and chomp horrified humans, and flatten puny helicopters and other antagonists who try to stop you.

But you won't stop at just one town. RAMPAGE has 85 cities for you to totally tr ash. And you can put together one riotous wrecking crew from the likes of George the Ape, Lizzie the Lizard, and Ralph the Wolf.


Model AG-049


Punching a Building: 50 points.
Eating a Pedestrian or Soldier: 50 points.
Punching Another Monster: 250 points.
Punching a Tank: 250 points.
Punching a Police Car: 250 points.
Punching a Pickup Truck: 250 points.
Punching a Trolley or Boat: 250 points.
Eating a TV (when it's turned off): 500 points.
Grabbing Money: 500 points.
Eating Flowers: 500 points.
Punching a Helicopter: 750 points.
Punching a Sign: 1000 points.
Eating a Transformed Monster: 1000 points.


- Try to eat as much food as possible to keep up your energy level. But beware! Some delectables like cactus, toasters, bottles of poison, and TVs (when turned on) may give you a bad case of indigestion. You'll soon learn that flickering objects, in general, can give you one bad bellyache.

- If you're in a hurry, JUMPING is much faster than WALKING.

- To avoid enemy fire from police cars and tanks, try to position your monster behind each such vehicle and then destroy it with a powerful punch.

- You'll need to climb on top of the tallest building in order to punch a helicopter.

- In a two-player game, punch the other player's monster to reduce his remaining strength, as indicated by his DAMAGE BAR. If he's transformed into a helpless human, gobble him up to gain extra strength and bonus points.


Rampage was reprogrammed for the Atari 2600 by: Bob Polaro (Bobco)
Produced by Activision by: Tom Sloper
Product Management by: John Crompton
Product Testing by: Steve Imes, Larry Weissenborn

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