Raid 2020 [Model RD-81003]

A 29-year-old Nintendo NES Cart. by Color Dreams, Inc.

Raid 2020 [Model RD-81003] screenshot

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Raid 2020 © 1989 Color Dreams.

The year is 2020 A.D. The evil drug kingpin Pitbull and his army of robots and brainwashed servants have crippled the law enforcement agencies of the world. You must seek out and destroy his communication and computer centers thus putting an end to his evil network of shipping and distribution.

As you confront Pitbull's dealers and robotic 'Cyborg' servants you will seize their drugs and money. The money will enable you to purchase the tools needed to overcome the obstacles in your path. Don't let the beauty of the streets fool you, for you are about to enter a world of laser beams, exploding mines and secret entrances. Engage your enemies as you traverse through the Pier, the Streets of Technopolis, and the Warehouse searching for clues. You will encounter more danger as you pilot a boat across the Swamp and travel through Space to an eventual confrontation with Pitbull himself in the Computer Center!


Game ID: RD-81003


Raid 2020 was released in North America and exported in Australia only.

The working title was 'Drug Czar'. The game was inspired by the arcade video game "Narc".


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