Racing Damashii [Model IC03006]

NEC PC-Engine HuCARD published 32 years ago by Irem Corp.

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レーシング魂 © 1991 Irem Corp.
(Racing Damashii)

Racing Damashii is a motorcycle racing game featuring six tracks. It primarily focuses on action, but the player must also monitor the damage to their motorcycle (which decreases after crashes) and the condition of their tires (which decreases when off-road). If either of these two bars are depleted, the race is over, but repairs can be made during pit stops.

There are two single player modes: training races and a championship in which points are awarded for strong finishing positions. These points can be used to upgrade the player's motorcycle.

The game is played from a 3-D perspective with the camera fixed behind the player's vehicle.

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BARCODE: 4 962891 500075

GAME ID: IC03006


Racing Damashii was released on Jul 19, 1991 in Japan.

September 1991 - Consoles + N.1 [FR]: 80/100


Game Produce: Hi-chan
Character Design: Bobby
Back Ground Design: Uma-chan
Program: Toms, Shinchan
Music Composer: Hiroshi Kimura (Hiroshi), Yasuhiro Kawakami (Char-lie)
Sound Program: Moto, Shinchan, Take - Kei

Test Rider Ran at Work.
Super Advisory by Irem Development Staff.


Game's ROM.