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R.C. Grand Prix [Model 27007]

Sega Master System cart. published 35 years ago by Seismic, Inc.

Listed in MAME

R.C. Grand Prix [Model 27007] screenshot

R.C. Grand Prix © 1989 Seismic, Inc.

Description from the back cover:

Get ready to rev up your motors, hit the dirt, and become "World Champion Remote Control Racer".

But first, you'll have to prove you're the quickest, most radical, maneuver-maniac on the high speed circuit today. How? By zooming through ten different courses that get harder and trickier with each turn. Beware of dangerous track cross-overs, and of course, the rest of the field of expert R.C. Racers.

During the tournament you'll get a bonus head to head Drag Race too. Sp you can race your buddies to see who's the rastest on the track.

Compete for prize money, and Win, Place, or Show trophies. Use your prize winnings to improve your car at the parts store. Purchase super hot-rod essentials like high-performance suspension, motors, gears, batteries, and tires. 1 to 4 players can sign up at the gate- But only the best become "World Champion R.C. Racer".
Ready-Set-Go for it!


GAME ID: 27007


Developed in the USA, then exported in Europe and Brazil.

European reviews:
[FR] Player One (Sept. 1990): 75/100


Produced and Directed By: Dan Kitchen
Designed By: Scott Marshall, Dan Kitchen
Programmed By: Scott Marshall
Graphics By: Will Wentworth, Jesse Kapili
Additional Graphics By: Mike Sullivan
Additional Programming By: Donald Han
Music By: Scott Marshall
R.C. Consultant: Robert Prescott


Game's ROM.